Yasouj Butterfly Watching Tour


In Yasouj Butterfly Watching Tour, one-day backpacking programs will be executed in some of these areas, which will give the participants a very good opportunity for collecting and other activities such as Photography and bird watching. The tour then will have its return flight to Tehran.

Some of the interesting and endemic butterfly species that one might confront in this tour are:

  • Papilio demoleus Favonius quercus Melitaeae sarvistana
  • Zerynthia louristana Satyrium sassanides Melitaeae consulis
  • Pontia glauconome Agrodiaetus ardschira Melitaeae casta
  • Euchloe lessei zagrosicus Agrodiaetus barmifiruzae Hyponephele shirazica
  • Cigaritis myrmecophila Agrodiaetus pfeifferi Carcharodus staudingeri

Plus many others.

Locations: Fars-Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Season: March-December

Price: please contact

Area: Fars-Kohkiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad

Activities: Butterfly and moth collecting, Wildlife Viewing, Bird Watching, Backpacking, Natural History, Historical cite-seeing, Photography.

Highlights: Dasht-e Arjan protected area, Yasouj, Mt. Dena, Sarvestan, Persepolis, Shiraz.

Full camping facilities are predicted for all the tour participants, including tent and light generator. Tour participants are requested to have their own collecting and preserving equipment and personal stuff including sleeping bags. A proper light-trap is also available for those who wish to collect moth as well. Minute changes in the route might also be designed in case.

Join other Iran traveling Center customers on one of our “Small Group Tours”! .This option is prefect for those who want to be in a group tour package. Each small group contains no more than 16 and no less than 2 participants, except those who rather to travel in a solo private guided tour. Your chosen date will be confirmed only if there will be at least 2 or more people interested in the same date. You will be notified about the status of your tour at least 30 day in advance. All charges will be refundable to you in regard to this tour unless the minimum number of participants for this tour is reached and you are totally sure you wanted to join your tour. But still if at any point prior to 3 week until your tour date, you decided to cancel, we will refund you in full.

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