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Iran Covid -19 pandemic news for the international travelers :

Latest update : 2021 - April 25

Iran can not be the host for this nationalities until future  information and MFA announcement :

India, Pakistan, France ,Botswana, Brazil, Czech Republic, Iraq, Ireland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Slovakia, South Africa, Zamiba.

Date: 28 th MAR 2021

Updated lists of Special and High risk countries during Pandemic.

Regarding requirements for the entry passengers into Iran during pandemic, updated lists of Special and High risk countries are as follow;

  • Special countries with English variant of Covid-19 virus (Direct/indirect route passengers from these countries will be denied entry to the IR, if they have been/resided in such countries within two weeks before arriving at an Iranian port of entry (Diplomats & personnel of international organizations are exempted); England, Botswana, Brazil, Czech Republic, Iraq, Eswatini, Ireland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Slovakia, South Africa & Zambia. · High risk countries (entry is permitted for passengers at age of 8 and above if they have been/resided in these countries, while presenting negative PCR test result (validated for 96 hours) and also undergoing a second PCR test upon arrival. Albania, Andorra, Bahrain, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Egypt, Estonia, Ecuador, Hungary, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Palestine, Saint Lucia, Serbia, Seychelles, Seychelles Sweden, Syria, Tanzania & United Arab Emirates.
  • Other countries (All arriving passengers from these countries are allowed entry to Iran while presenting negative PCR test result and undergoing syndromic care and thermal screening (and a second PCR test if needed) upon arrival. Note that all other requirements as stipulated in previous circular remain valid. This circular is in effect as of 28 th MAR 2021 until further notice.

Iran business visa 

Travel to Iran with (by) Business visa:
MFA just accept vital visa applications for the purpose of Family visit, Medical issue, and business.
Since the touristy visa process has stopped, the Iran Business visa becomes a replacement for it, the applicant must have a business plan and proposal also an invitation letter from a company in Iran.
The procedure of Iran Business visa and rest of the documents are the same as a touristy visa (visa application form which is included with personal info and job info), copy of the main page of the passport, a personal picture, itinerary and appointment plans.
The procedure lasts a week and the result replies with a reference number. The validity is the same as a touristy visa, 30 days max for the first time, and possible to extend it but with the Visa Police verification.
The consulate fee of Iran Business visa (name registration in MFA/Embassy system as an approved application) is the same as the amount of touristy. For most European countries is about 80 to 100 Euro. The Agency fee for the Iran Business visa which is difference as consulate fee is 100 Euro per person. We wont charge if you visa doesn’t approved .
The approved cases can get their visas at the airports or Iran embassies or consulates around the world.
Applicant must bring the Negative covid-19 test which must not last more than 48 hours before entering Iran borders. The traveler may have to do another test at the border/Airport.
All Travel and medical protocols change every fast, so travelers must adjust themselves with the updated and local protocols.
Travelers may have to stay in the guarantee (home or hospital base on medical system decision) and it can be from 2 days to two weeks on the day of arrival.
MFA doesn’t accept applications from American, British and Canadian passport holders right now. Contact us, We will keep you update and inform you when MFA starts accepting your visa applications again.

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No need for hair cover for women. If you cannot upload the file please send it to this email address [email protected] .

Welcome to IranTravelingCenter Iran Tourist Visa Application page, we are one of limited number of official Tour, Travel and Visa agencies in Iran with an official authority from Iranian foreign ministry to process and obtain travel permits to Iran. We have a long standing track record and connection to get your Iran visa as fast and as cheap as possible.Please take a minute to review some of the information in this page that might pertain to you and do not hesitate to get back to us with any question that you might have.

Here is a Grant notice :

irantravelingcenter-iran visa

Required Documents for Iran Visa:

Invitation Letter (Authorization Number)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) sends an 18-digit code to the agency. The duration of sending this code varies depending on your nationality. Generally, for most nationalities, it will take around 7-10 working days and for special nationalities such as Americans, British and Canadians, it will take 1-3 months. Having this code, you can refer to Iran embassy in your country or Iran airports and receive Iran Visa Stamp at your passport.

The validity duration of this code for receiving Iran visa stamp fee is two month since the issuance time. And since the time of visa stamp reception, the tourist has three months time to enter Iran. And the important point is that exiting Iran must be done before the expiration of this three months validity.

The List of Iran’s Visa Free Zones

You can travel to the beautiful attractions of Kish Island, Qeshm Island, Chahbahar, Maku, Arvand, Anzali, and Aras without any Iran visa and stay there for fourteen days and to extend your stay, you can pay a low amount of money at the affiliated offices to MFA in Iran.

The following nationalities can enter Iran and stay in Iran for fifteen days without visa and to extend their stay they can pay a low amount of money at the affiliated to MFA offices in Iran:

Azerbaijan, Turkey,Georgia ,Lebanon,Serbia, MalaysiaSyria, Armenia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Egypt.

Iran Tourist Visa

The valid agencies in Iran can apply for Iran Tourist Visa; all the nationalities except Israel can apply for Iran Entry Visa. For the special countries of America, Britain and Canada, the duration, the terms and conditions of Iran Visa collection is different.

In general, the maximum validity of traveler’s stay with tourist visa is 30 days and they are regarded as single entry. To stay longer than 30 days, visa should be extended in Iran.

You can apply for tourist visa through valid travel agencies in Iran and after sending the required documents including passport image, personal photo and visa form, the agency will send your request to Iran’s MFA and usually MFA will issue an 18-digit code after 7-10 working days. Having this code and referring to Iran’s embassy in your country, you can receive your visa stamp.

Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA)

The point worth mentioning is that although you can receive your visa upon arriving in Iran, but our suggestion is that it is safer to apply before your travel to Iran via the valid agencies to get the authorization code and the visa collection place can be International Airports of Iran which makes the time procedures easier, shorter and safer.

Here is a Fee Schedule for Your Reference:

As you can see the fees are variable and dependent on your nationality. The formula is pretty much based on reciprocity, which means you would be charged as much as an Iranian national would have been charged to get a visa to your country.

Iran Visa for American, British and Canadian Passport Holders

MFA doesn't accept any type of visa applications of these passport holders .

Documents required:

Passport image with at least 6 months validity

Personal photo with solid white background

Filled out visa form (ladies are not required to wear head coverings)

Sending a CV or resume

Sending the links and information of all your social media networks

Travel insurance for Iran:

1.As a rule of thumb it is always a good idea to have a decent travel insurance whenever you travel abroad regardless of your destination. As of late this has become a mandatory requirement to be able to get your visa for Iran, be it visa on arrival or standard tourist visa to Iran .

2.Your insurance policy must clearly state that it is valid for Iran. Your personal insurance company wherever you live should be able to do that for you or you can get that through IATI, which is a Spanish insurance company with a good track record in travel insurances to destinations like Iran.