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    Travel to Iran by Train


    International Tourist Train Arrives in Tabriz.

    One exciting experience is to travel to Iran by Train. Iran trains which offer safe, reliable and comfortable connections to almost every major destination in the country. As Iran is an extensive country with many arid and desert plains, usually cities and settlements are concentrated in areas where water is available; with distances of hundreds of kilometers between the major cities. Based on this distribution; railways have mainly long distance connections, with usually at least one overnight train per line and a few daytime connections on some lines. In Iran trains transportation system, the important point is that reservation should be done as soon as possible. If your travel time in Iran is limited, it’s better to be in touch with Iran Traveling Center staffs to receive latest timetable, rate and updates. Now let’s review available Iran trains:

    Pardis High Speed Trains: 

    These are high quality, fast and reliable express trains at a speed up to 160 km/h. There are two-seat coupes with a single table and four seat coupes with large table at the center. Drinks and snacks are available and meals may be ordered to the seat.

    High Quality Long Distance Trains:

    Overnight distances are covered by some of the most luxuries trains of Iran. Meals are served in each coupe on request.  Compartment are comfortable with air conditioning system, which can booked for two persons or a single.

    Ordinary Long Distance Trains with Beds:

    They are available as first class with four or six bed/seats compartments and as second class with six bed compartments. First class trains have air conditioning system while second class usually doesn’t have. Bed standard of these trains is similar to sleepers on European railways. Meals are not available on these trains but tea and snacks are served in each car. Of course fist class trains are much more suggested.

    Local Trains:

    They offer fairly good standard with low floor entrances, air conditioning system and comfortable chairs. As these trains are considered for commuter hours around some main cities, their services are limited. 

    International service:

    In order to improve regional cooperation in tourism industry; Raja Rail Transportation Co and Turkey has managed to extend their railway connections with a safe, modern and comfortable weekly train from Ankara to Tehran called the ‘Trans-Asia Express’. It is actually two trains, a Turkish one from Ankara to Tatvan pier, then a ferry across Lake Van, and finally an Iranian train from Van pier to Tehran.  Only one baggage van actually goes all the way, being ferried across Lake Van on the ferry.  Both Turkish and Iranian trains have modern air conditioning system, 1st class 4-berth couchettes and an elegant restaurant car. Turkey train has 5 railroad cars and Iran train has 6 ones which are express 4 beds. European and Australian groups start to travel to Iran by using Trans-Asia Express and are satisfied with this amazing experience.


    First route is Ankara-Tehran and Tehran-Ankara train. It leaves Ankara on Wednesday morning and arrives to Tehran in Friday evening. For return, train leaves Tehran at Wednesday night and return to Ankara on Saturday morning. The travel duration is 60 hours.


    And the second route is Van-Tabriz and Tabriz-Van train. Which has shorter distance, it leaves Van Tuesday night, enter Tabriz on Wednesday morning. Return from Tabriz is at Monday night, enter van on Tuesday morning.

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