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Traditional Persian Night of Yazd

If you would like to experience one of the most memorable nights of your life, you can realize your wish by taking part in the traditional, happy experience of an Iranian Dinner along with live classical Persian music and recitals of one of the most ancient and heroic and legendary poems of the world famous Iranian poet’s poetry and reading lines from the “Book of the King” which narrates stories about past Iran and its legendary hero in English. You will certainly experience one of the best nights of your life as you will have the opportunity of becoming familiar with Iran’s traditional music and poetry of a poet who had revitalized the Persian language by his stories in pure Persian language, but the most delicious part of the show is when you get familiar with the really tasteful Persian cuisine and specialty and you eat a Persian dinner. Moreover you may communicate with the other people around you and get acquainted with your new friends with different nationalities.

Yazd is one of the ancient city of Iran (UNESCO world heritage) which Marco Polo had stopped there about 1272 AD. Land of Badgir, brick walls and sweet souvenir. A Traditional Persian Night in Yazd can make your trip incomparable and more memorable. Unique experience in an atmospheric setting in Kohan Kashane Hotel. Traditional Persian Night is very autunitic due to warm, local and passionate hosts. Night is started by evening catering. Yazdi Cake and Persian tea with citrus aurantium flavor. According to travelers’ viewpoints who have participated in Traditional Persian Night of Yazd, land mark of the night is live Sitar performance along Persian poetry narration. Beside routine sightseeing of Mosques, traditional houses or Bazaar, which all have their own specific characters, a night with poetry, passion, music and hilarious anecdotes of Mullah Nasrodin is an arresting figure. Listening to an old Persian love story, Khosro Shirin, with gentle traditional music back ground. Since by developing written communication humankind has been able to transmit and preserve knowledge throughout the ages in the form of literature, poetry can be considered as an aspect of culture of nations. Iranian people are known as their hospitalities. Since old time, Iranian to express their feelings and intense excitement of hosting, preparing good and valuable foods for their guests. Following this honorable traditions, your hosts in Traditional Persian Nights, prepare different meals and pottages for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian to totalize a real Persian banquet. 

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