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Tehran attractions

Tehran, the large capital city of Iran, has many attractions worth visiting. This uniquely constructed city with its densely populated districts and lofty skyscrapers has much to visit and enjoy during you stay in Iran. The top  tourist attractions of Tehran for vising by the tourists are mentioned below.


Jewelry Museum

Amazing Jewelry Museum in Tehran: Jewelry Museum- Unique treasures, “Treasury of National Jewels” is the collection of the most valuable jewels in the world. In fact, when you visit this place, you get familiar with Iranian culture and you are amazed at seeing the amount of priceless gems; in other words, it reflects the culture and history of ancient treasures of Iranian nation. If you are interested in art, you should visit this museum and you cannot take photos but when you go there, a brochure is given to you to guide you about the collections of this marvelous museum. The collection contains gems that are unique in the world. Many tourists have reasons for taking a trip to this museum. So please include this marvelous place into your itinerary of Ian tour as you will really enjoy your visit of this attraction in Iran. But be careful when you want to plan for visiting this place, because the visiting time is restricted and the museum is open to public on certain days during the week.

Open during Saturday to Tuesday, 14.00 – 16.30.
Closed on Wednesdays, weekends and Public and Bank Holidays

National museum

National Museum of Iran: The museum preserves monuments dating back to medieval Persian antiquities, including pottery vessels, metal objects, textile remains, and other books and coins. The museum is comprised of several departments such as Paleolithic and Osteological departments and Pottery Studies Center. The ground floor of the museum is devoted to exhibitions of the statues and other antiques and ancient things. Its building is comprised of two complexes, namely the Museum of Ancient Iran opened which opened in 1937, and the Museum of the Islamic Era, which opened in 1972. 

Milad tower

Milad Tower: This tower which is also recognized as Tehran tower, is the tallest building in Iran. It is the 6th tallest tower and the 17th self-supporting structure in the world. This multi-purpose tower in is standing upright in Tehran and it is visible from anywhere in the capital city of Iran. It has conference center with unique facilities and expert human forces for holding social, cultural and art events such as conferences, seminars, feasts, concerts, workshops and exhibitions. It has also many restaurants to serve you and your guests miscellaneous kinds of national and European foods and drinks from their menus. It has a roofed parking with the capacity for 1000 cars. The tower resembles Toronto’s CN Tower. It has an observation deck, a revolving restaurant, TV, radio and traffic control stations.
Access to this tower is very safe and it is very adventurous with a wonderful view of the great city of Tehran. From within its speedy elevators you can see the world outside which is so thrilling. It’s amazing! So visiting this place is a fun thing to do in Tehran, Iran.

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