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Top Things to Do in Tabriz

Tabriz: A Gate to Paradise


The ancient and historical city of Tabriz is located in Northeastern of Iran and it has been the main market on the Silk Road throughout history. The city is famous for its winding brick-vaulted complex that sells carpet, jewelry and spices. Around one and a half million people live in amazing Tabriz with many fantastic attractions. In Tabriz, you may visit museums that showcase the history of Iran, in general, and the city, in particular. Visit the warm water springs and spas of Sarein which are located nearby. Buy souvenirs from the bazaar and visit its azure blue mosques with old and historical architectural art. Read on if you are interested to visit Tabriz during your travel to Iran: 

  • Serpentine Covered Tabriz Bazaar:Almost everybody agrees that this traditional, ancient and grand bazaar is the most popular attraction of the city visited by many travelers and shoppers every day. It is the most fascinating place in Tabriz and the longest roofed shopping arcade, and it has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been a prominent trading point since the Safavid era on the Silk Road in Iran. The bazaar is beautifully decorated with high dome ceilings and labyrinth alleys which have made strolling inside this historical market an amazing experience. You can find almost everything from jewelry to seasonings and various spices which give flavor to the foods and have medicinal properties, to copper pans and pots and the precious hand woven Persian carpets and rugs of miscellaneous kinds. Tabriz covered bazaar had been commented by Marco Polo the world famous traveler and different things are sold in its different sub section shops. The market is really authentic and has a marvelous architecture. Especially interesting to travelers is the Mozaffar market where carpet is sold at the heart of the ancient city of Tabriz.
    • Tabriz Citadel (Arg-e Tabriz):The remains of this once majestic citadel goes back to 14th century. Reconstructed as a military base during the wars between Russia and Persia, it was once shelled by the Russians and suffered heavy damages in 1911. Again during the recent years, its edifice underwent some restoration works, the latest of which was carried out by the Iranian Organization of Cultural Heritage in 2013. This huge monument had been the historic symbol of the city of Tabriz with its grandeur. This gigantic structure is another great example of adobe architecture in north-western Iran. If you are interested in ancient architecture of giant palaces and attractions, this historic monument is highly recommended to you to visit and enjoy.


    • Blue Mosque (Goey Masjid):This marvelously astonishing mosque has been unluckily damaged by the heavy earthquake in 18th century, so you can observe the scars caused by the anger of the Earth. The only remaining part of the original structure is the iwan, but many of the destroyed parts of this fabulous monument have been renovated during the past 50 years. Originally constructed in 1465, its iwan illustrates intricate blue tile works which have been worked on with love, and the mosque takes its name after these azure tiles. The mosque has also several fine artistic calligraphies which are really enchanting for the visitors. This mosque is the only real attraction in the city of Tabriz and the forerunner of religious buildings and monuments in the entire world. The most outstanding feature of this Mosque is its special blue tiles in Northern facade. The second most important feather is the large dome that spans a large area of about 30 m by 30 m. The other special structural feature is double layered roofing made up of bricks and some special hydraulic mortar. So try to have this attraction in your plan of the tour around Tabriz, Iran.


    • Majestic Jame Mosque of Tabriz:Another fabulous historical and religious attraction inside the wonderful city of Tabriz proves to be this mosque. Similar to many other monuments in Tabriz city, this religious attraction has witnessed the ruthless strikes of earthquake in the course of history. Luckily, it has undergone many reconstructions and renovations by skillful experts of the field. Its location next to the Bazaar of Tabriz is the best and it is a combination of modern and traditional features. Its two lofty three-tiered minarets are really amazing with their marvelous and intricately impressive mosaic works framing the entrance of the mosque. Once again, this is a colorful mosque with beautiful blue-colored geometric shaped designs and it is an attraction worth being visited in the historical city of Tabriz.
  • Wonderful Elgoli Park: The large expanse of land with beautiful trees is the pacific Elgoli Park. Iranian families really love this popular parkand spend their time relaxing in its serene atmosphere especially in the evenings. Try playing badminton at this park when it is Shady and enjoy great views of the city from its highest place. The park surrounds a square artificial lake and it has a traditional restaurant reasonably priced, at its heart. This beautiful resort with its fresh air is worth an evening stroll and relaxation.
  • Saint Stephanos Monastery in Jolfa: The majority of the Armenian Christian people of Iran have resided in the historical city of Tabriz since a long time ago. Thus, there are several beautiful churches in this city and the neighboring districts. For instance, Mary Church which goes back to 12 century, but the most stunning of these churches is St. Stephanos Monastery outside the town of Jolfa, which is around 90 minutes far from the city. The church was constructed in 9th century and lies alone on the lands of a large valley. After some reconstruction times, it is now in good condition and despite its isolation, it is really crowded and replete with pilgrims and religious people. Thus, although this attraction is off the beaten path, it is really worth a visit.
  • Incredible Sarein Hot Water Spa: As Iran is a country in the Middle East with a moderate climate that enjoys four seasons in one complete year, it is one of the world’s rich countries in terms of natural attractions. Among these natural attractions you can come and visit the natural water springs which function like health spas all the year. I would like to introduce you some of these natural and amazing relaxation places from which heavenly water flows and makes life continue in wonderfully amazing ways.  One of these marvelous places to visit in Iran is the hot springs of Sareina city in Ardabil Province. This mountainous place has around nine hot therapeutic springs. The water temperature of some of its springs can reach up to around 65 degrees Celsius. This place is very often visited by the tourists due to its pleasant climate in summertime. Sarein in Persian language means ‘an outlet of spring’ and the water in this spring has a remedial element called sulfur which is good for the body. Therefore, tourists go to this site in large numbers. Another reason which satisfies people to go to this region is the great and splendid views of green space of nature in the mountains of this part of world. Thus if you want to experience relaxation accompanied by remedial treatment you can choose Sarein Hot Water Spa as your travel destination. It is really nice to dip your tired body into hot water and wash away all the tension and stress of the past moments of hardship and work. The main area consists of a big pool, Jacuzzi hall and a hall of individual baths. It will be really nice to get some hot spring treatment. Besides the water, you cannot miss Sarein’s well-known natural product of beehives: honey. The center of this village is full of honey shops. You will become crazy about its honey as soon as you taste it and you will probably visit all the shops therein. As a result you will certainly buy a jar of honey and take with yourselves as souvenirs from Iran. 
  • ·         Wonderful Kandovan Village near Tabriz: This stunning attraction is one of the most ancient natural attractions that hosts a fascinating Eco lodge and troglodyte homes carved into volcanic rocks at the side of a cliff. The accommodations of this area are these house-like rooms and traditional settlements besides modern rural housing developed at the base of the village which still has its lively inhabitants. This place is only about an hour to drive by car from Tabriz. You will find Kandovan quite marvellous during winter time with wonderful and picturesque snow-covered rocks.

Sweets and Specialties in Tabriz

·         Persian Baklava: Baklava is scrumptious, very luscious, and so fragrant, very popular during Nowrouz; it must be crowned as the king of all Persian sweets. But Persian baklava is quite different from other cakes and sweets of the Middle East with the same name. The sweet has only two or three layers of thin pastry on top and in the bottom. An almond and saffron layer, a pistachio and cardamom layer and an almond and rosewater layer came together to create a mixture of flavors in every tiny piece. Persian sweets like baklava are usually made very small as accompaniments to tea, much like biscuits in the UK. It’s actually considered a great skill to make the sweets as tiny as possible. This is because in Persian culture, guests are served with endless tiny glasses of tea (so the tea is always hot) and an array of small sweets including baklava with each glass. By the way, we serve tea in small glasses because the color of the tea has to be observed and appreciated.


·         Koofteh Tabrizi: One of the specific foods of Tabriz and in the course of time is Koofte Tabrizi. And it is also one of the thousands of symbolic items of Tabriz. Tabriz Koofteh is a Persian meatball taken from Azerbaijan. The origin of the name for the dish is from the city of Tabriz, one of the important cities of Iranian Azerbaijan. The soup of Koofteh Tabrizi is usually served in a separate bowl with shredded Sangak or Lavash, specific breads of Iran.


·         Different kinds of Aash in Tabriz: The city of Tabriz and its culinary is famous for its different kinds of Aash (a sort of soup) such as tomato aash, cabbage aash, yogurt aash, lentil aash and lots of other kinds of Aash which can be eaten along with the main food.


·         Bonab Kebab: It is a delicious food and in fact, a kind of Kebab which is prepared using ground beef meat, spices and onion. This specialty is famous for its big size. Its name comes from the city of Bonab in the Province of Azerbaijan northwestern Iran. You should really try this tasty food to have a more memorable experience during your Iran tour and especially while you are in the city of Tabriz.


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