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Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz, located in the south-west of Iran is famous for its roses, gardens, and poems. Saadi and Hafez Shirazi, two world-renowned poets have been the reason for naming this city “the city of literature”. The love poems of Hafiz with their mystical interpretations can be specifically assigned to anybody when reading them.

Hafiz was born in 1326 A.D.He believed that life is too short and human beings should enjoy their lives so that they will not regret anything. Hafiz and his beliefs were greatly admired by Goethe, the great modern German literature genius. 

The tombstone of Hafiz lies in a beautiful garden which is another sample of Persian gardens. The architecture of this monument is amazing.The mausoleum has 8 pillars which signify the century when he lived.

Iranians love Hafiz and his poetry and respect him a lot. During the feasts and ceremonies such as Yalda night when families gather together, they read lines of poetry from Hafiz. As they believe that Hafiz informs them about the future. In top things to do in Shiraz,make sure to visit tomb of Hafez and also let him tell your future. This can be done at the entrance to the garden where you can buy cards with their translations on them.

Visiting time  from 8:00 A.M. to 22:00 P.M.

Entrance fee: About 2 US$

Address:between Adabiat Square and Hafezieh Square, across from Hafez Stadium

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