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Tehran Metro Subway

Tehran Metro Subway is a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Four lines (lines 1, 2, 4 and 5) of the metro are operational while two lines (lines 3 and 7) are still under construction. The system is owned and operated by Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway.

Tehran’s is one of the busiest metros in the Middle East and the cleanest in the world. During the third quarter of 2010, an average of 4m passengers a day used the metro network. It is estimated that 6m passengers will use the metro daily once the new lines become operational. The number of passengers using the metro has grown from 3.5m in 1999 to 4m a day in 2010.

The metro network is currently 120km long. Upon completion of all the lines, the system will reach a length of 430km.

Tehran Metro Subway Lines and Routes:

Line 1 (Red Line) is a 28km long route operating between Gheytariyeh in the north and Kahrizak in the south. It has 15 underground and seven elevated stations on this route. Shahid Sadr and Gheytariyeh are the new stations added to this line in 2010.

Line 2 is a 20km long route with 19 stations between Sadeghieh in the west and Farhangsara in the east. It intersects with Line 1 at Imam-Khomeini-Square. Farhangsara is the new station opened in 2010.

Line 3 will be a 36km long route starting from south-west in Islamshahr to Lashgarak in the north-east. It will have 23 underground and eight at-grade stations. It will pass through Chahardangeh, Rah-Ahan, Monirieh, Vali-e Asr squares, Shahid Beheshti Stree, Resalat, Majidieh streets and Imam Ali-Shahid Zeinuddin Intersection.

Construction on Line 3 commenced in mid 2007 and is still under way. It is being constructed in five phases and is scheduled for completion by 2014. The EPC contract is being executed by Lahmeyer International and its Iranian partner Moshanir for the first section.

Line 4 (Yellow Line) is 20km long with 21 underground and one elevated stations. The first 2.5km section from Darvazeh Shemiran to Ferdowsi Square opened in March 2007. It was further extended to Shohada Square and Engelab Square in 2009. Shahid Kolahdouz station is the latest to be added on this line in 2010.

Line 5 (Green Line) is a 41.5km long route starting from Sadeghieh at Tehran terminus and ending at Karaj Mahdasht Golshahr. It has seven stations and a terminal.

Tehran Metro Subway Service Hours:

Service is available 7 day a week / approximately every 30 minutes.

Tehran Metro Subway Luggage:

2 pieces of luggage allowed per person (suitcase + hand luggage) special volume and/or extra items may be charged for excess bags.


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