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Tabriz Chosen by JICA as Tourism Hub

The head of the East Azarbaijan Tourism Department announced the selection of Tabriz as the center for tourism and cultural heritage studies on the Silk Road axis by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. 

According to Mehr News Agency and as quoted by the vice president of public relations of Eastern Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office, Farshad Rostami: In a meeting with representatives of JICA, the representative of JICA, referring to the completion of the assessment of the historic corridors of Iran, selected Tabriz as a new tourism study project, and introduced Tabriz as the new study project on the tourism sector in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan. The Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has presented the agency’s cultural heritage at the center of the Silk Road.Referring to the goals of JICA, he added: “The existence of global registrations, brands and tourism potentials should lead to an economic transformation in people’s livelihoods that will be carried out by JICA in this regard and, for this purpose, according to existing indicators among the cities of Ahvaz, Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd and Tabriz in the two corridors of ancient civilization and the Silk Road, Tabriz was the final choice for the agency”.



The Silk Road originally started moving to the west from China over 2000 years ago. It was not a single road, but a set of caravan tracks displayed with caravanserais. Its main eastern terminus was the capital of China Changan (now Xian) and the road passed through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and the cities of Mashhad. Neishabur, Damghan, Semnan, Rey, Qazvin, Maku and Tabriz.

Rustami said: Considering the existence of registered sites in the global list in the neighboring provinces, Tabriz will be considered as the center of the north-western tourism center of the country.The head of the Tourism and Tourism Vice-President of the Islamic Heritage, Arts and Crafts and Tourism of East Azerbaijan noted that the capacity of the international event “Tabriz 2018” has been one of the main indicators of JICA’s decision because of the international events and the existence of prominent brands of tourism development.At the meeting, Akira Ohara, the senior expert on cultural heritage and tourism in Jakarta, congratulated the selection of the city of Tabriz as the study center and said: “The city of Tabriz has long been the gateway between Europe and East Asia, and also because of its works The UNESCO World Register, such as the Tabriz market, has a great potential for the development of historical and cultural tourism. He described the high capacity of tourism infrastructure in the province, including the existence of tourist destination villages such as Kovdan rocky villages, the variety of ecclesiastical capacity as well as having potential in the field of health tourism and the existence of prominent brands such as Tabriz carpet, among the effective factors in this selection.Oahara also emphasized the contribution of the local community and NGOs to the implementation of tourism programs, and said that awareness and participation of indigenous peoples in the development of tourism is very important, and that educational courses in this area can be very effective, Parallel to these studies, in cooperation with the provincial Heritage Committee, will undertake infrastructure activities.He further emphasized the issue of marketing and commercialization in the field of tourism and cultural heritage: the direct flights from Tabriz to international destinations, including Europe, the Caucasus, Russia and Turkey, as well as the connection of Tabriz to the international land and rail network, is another feature that will be cited in these studies.The team from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will visit Tabriz’s historic, cultural and natural attractions, including the historical village of Kandovan, as well as the historical city of Maragheh, in their presence during the two days in Tabriz.Representatives of JICA, who during their two-day trip to Tabriz on November 21 and 22, this year, met with the Director General and Assistant Chief of Staff of the province’s historical and tourism capacities in order to conduct studies and reviewed the feasibility studies with the aim of developing tourism in Tabriz city and Eastern Azerbaijan Province.

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