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Spices in Iranian cuisine



Spices are necessary for Iranian foods as it can be guessed.  Besides spices, dried herbs, roots, roob is also used for adding taste. Spices in Iranian cuisine have a wide variety.

Some spices that are commonly used currently are Indian spices that have entered Iranian cooking and are imported. In Iran we don’t add as much spice as the like Indian cuisine. The Iranian cuisine is more moderate in using spices, we use spices for mild taste and aroma, easy for everybody to eat.

Saffron is the most expensive spice used in Iranian cuisine.

In our Iran culinary tour, your tour guide Afi, will take you to the traditional spice shops and explain one by one each spice. Also while cooking with Afi, you will see the use of spices in cooking.

Spices in Iranian cuisine

Traditional spice stores


Roots can be purchased as powder or sliced as spice store, which all have different usage.





Lavender Brigade



Roob is fresh fruit or vegetable cooked until thick enough. Tomato roob, is very commonly used in Iranian cuisine currently. Pomegranate roob is added to many dishes for taste too.


Lemon juice is commonly used, also verjuice( unripe grape juice) is a necessity for cooking Iranian food.



The most necessary spice For the Iranian cuisine is Turmeric, which is a powdered root. Due to saffron and turmeric, being so highly used and Both these spices give the color yellow to the food, the appetizing color in Iran is yellow. Most Iranian dishes have the yellow-orange color because of these spices. ( While in China the appetizing color is white, red and green because of the vegetables used and in the west the appetizing color is brown, the color of the stake and sauce).





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