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Si-o-seh Pol Bridge in Isfahan

The chancellor of Shah Abbas II constructed the “Bridge of 33 arches” or Si-o-Se Pol Bridge out of stone in 3 years. The bridge is located on the south part of the end of Chahar Bagh Avenue over Zayandeh Roud River which passes through Isfahan city. It is 13.75 meters wide and 298 meters wide. At the beginning of the river where the water current is faster the bridge is thicker in plane. Thus you can find more arches at this part of the bridge and that makes construction of some tea houses possible at this part. This construction is the largest construction on water in Iran and its high walls act as shelters for the people passing on the bridge. You can listen to Persian traditional music here and read books or eat snacks and enjoy your picnic time near this wonderful attraction and piece of architecture especially when eater flows into the river. Do not miss the river during night time when the play of lights near this attraction makes it a scenic view worth seeing.



Visiting time: Open 24 Hours

Address:Isfahan, Enghelab Sq Chahar Bagh e Abbasi St

One of the most beautiful attractions of Isfahan city is Si-o-Se Pol which is among the must-see attractions of the city and it may be named the ever-awake attraction of Isfahan city. You can visit this site 24 hours during the day and night and you do not need to pay any fees as entrance. Night time might be the best moment to visit this attraction as the reflections of light on the water form extraordinarily scenic views to enjoy watching. It is almost farther from the main historical parts of the city such as the amazing Naghsh-e Jahan Square as it takes 15 minutes by car and a little more than 35 minutes on foot to get there. However, the beautiful districts of Isfahan city are full of attractions and it can be attractive even when you walk through the city. The accommodations near Si-o-Se Pol are Kowsar, Aseman and Isfahan Hotels. Near this monument, you can always see happy people who are playing music that can be really interesting to you.

Si_o_Seh Pol Bridge to Naghsh_e Jahan Square. 14 min.By Car.

Si_o_Seh Pol Bridge to Vank Cathedral. 8 min.By Car.

Si_o_Seh Pol Bridge to Jarchi Bashi Restaurant. 14 min.By Car.

Si_o_Seh Pol Bridge to Hasht Behesht Palace. 7min.By Car.


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