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Shiraz and Isfahan Tour in 5 Days

In Shiraz and Isfahan Tour in 5 Days, you will visit both cities main cultural and historical attractions in a short package. Shiraz and Isfahan Tour in 5 Days is the best gift that you can give yourself.start with a visit to the picturesque Eram Garden, famous for its cypress trees.

Next step in Shiraz and Isfahan Tour in 5 Days is tombs of Persia’s best-known poets: Saadi and Hafez. While there, why not enjoy a cup of chai at the wonderful atmospheric teahouse where one sit on a floor of cushions and mingle with the locals. Our next stop takes us to the “modern” Nasirol-Molk mosque and the pretty Afif-Abad Garden followed by a visit to the Church of Saint Simmon the Zealot with the famed stained glass windows. This wonderful Day culminates with a trip to a labyrinthine bazaar. Isfahan is a city one can never forget. Today’s tour of this magnificent medina begins with Hacht Behesht Palace, a charming garden palace, built in 1680, with impressive mosaics and stalactite moldings. Soon we are off to see the richly decorated and serene Armenian Vank Church followed by the glorious Friday Mosque. No trip to Isfahan is complete without visiting the famous old bridges that cross the Zayande River.

Lets have a look on Shiraz and Isfahan Tour in 5 Days detailed itinerary:

Day 1
Locations: Shiraz
AM: Morning flight to Shiraz, transfer to hotel, visiting Eram Garden.
PM: Visiting of Hafez & Saadi (great Iranian poets) Tombs & Koran Gate. O/N Shiraz.

Day 2
Location: Shiraz
AM: Full day excursion tour of Pasargadae & Persepolis.
PM: O/N Shiraz.

Day 3
Location: Shiraz-Isfahan
AM: Full day excursion tour of Shiraz city; visiting Narenjestan Ghavam & Vakil complex (Bath, Pars museum, Citadel and the Bazaar) and Afif Abaad Garden.
PM: Flight to Isfahan and transfer to hotel. O/N Isfahan.

Day 4
Locations: Isfahan
AM: Visiting Naghsh-e Jahan complex (Ali Qapu palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Bazaar.
PM: Visiting Vank church, shaking minarets, fire temple. O/N Isfahan.

Day 5
Locations: Isfahan
AM: Visiting Chehel Sotoun & Hasht Behesht.
PM: Visiting historical SioSe-Pol & Khajoo bridges, transfer to Airport, flying to Tehran.

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