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Shazdeh Garden in Mahan

The Astonishing Shahzadeh Garden (Prince) in Mahan.In the center of Desert, in Kerman Province, Mahan City, right near the tombstone of Shah Nematollah Vali, there is an astonishingly beautiful garden which is known as Shazde Garden. The garden which is constructed like a miracle in the heart of desert to surprise its onlookers and under the shadow of its old trees and the soothing sound of stream flowing under the trees make the traveler think of a prince who spent most of his lifetime building this garden but remained unable of employing it for a long time.


The portal of this Persian garden as a clear structure frames the interior space of the garden so that when you stand under its arch, you face a beautiful scenery which comprises of the garden, the main pavilion and its fountains. The interesting point about the fountains is that no electricity has been used for making the fountains work. The stream of water enters some crocks and then after reaching one of these crocks arrives at another of them which plays the role of elbows in today’s plumbing systems. The water then erupts out in the form of fountains and after passing the stone and mortar paved yard and then after passing the ponds which are beautifully placed upon each other reaches the main pavilion. The choice and arrangement of plants and trees in Shazde Mahan Garden with its towering trees play a significant role in the identity of Persian Gardens. This garden with its fruitful trees paints colorful and scenic views during the fruit bearing seasons. All in all, this garden shines like a priceless diamond in the center of desert. Visiting this relaxing attraction is highly recommended for curious tourists. Wish you a pleasant visit!

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