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Secrets of Traveling by Train

The most fascinating aspect of travelling by train is watching the world passed by through train’s window; these are the real heart of a country and it’s a truly amazing way to capture the spirit of a country. With the economy still slumping, travel by train is looking increasingly attractive to budget-conscious travelers. Also, a scenic train ride can even be a vacation in itself! Need more reasons to travel to Iran by train? You’ve come to the right place. Here are secrets of traveling by train!

Trains Let You See Amazing Scenery:

While traveling by airplane, all you see is the top of clouds basically the whole time; however, on a train you will pass through amazing views. From tiny rural villages, mountains, abandoned castles, farming lands etc.  In this way, you have nothing but beautiful scenery for hours upon arriving to destination.


Trains Let You Much More Space:

By traveling with train you will be very comfortable because the amount of space you get (versus a plane) is incomparable! Although you are in limited space of coupe, it has a roomy feeling than a plane. The soft simultaneous rocking of the train puts you to sleep like a baby. You can read on trains, while looking down on a bus makes you nauseous. Going to the bathroom is so much more complicated on buses and planes. Your bags are where you can see them. You can get up and stretch your legs; isn’t it excellent!?


Trains Let You to Be More Social:

In airplane or bus you’re not face to face with others. Every one sit in rows and occasionally you hear whispering of hush, hush… But in train people aren’t afraid to talk for some reason, it’s a unique experience watching other travelers speaking together in Persian. Or learning some useful Persian sentences or proverbs with them! Most of the times, these relations contributed to some great travel memories.


Train Have Fixed Timetable:

The most appreciating point about trains is their reliability; you hardly will find any train timetable permitting changes. They have fixed routes, fixed fares and foxed timetables. You don’t have to worry about the driver being late because of heavy traffic or oversleep.

Sleeper Trains Save Your Time & Money:

Although the bed isn’t exactly queen size, you could board a train in the evening, sleep a full 8 hours and wake up at your next destination, it’s all! Also one less night at a hotel, and the time you’ve saved for the little extra cost is valuable.

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