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Russian Charter Flights to Kish and Isfahan

600 Russian Weekly Trips to Iran

The most important tour operators in Russia have come to Iran to visit the attractions of Tehran, Kish, Isfahan to start the arrival of Russian tourists to Iran with charter flights to Iran. 

“The Russian-Iranian relations are expanding every day, as President Putin’s emphasis on Russian travels to Iran, until the approval of the country’s tourism agency on this issue, shows that the Russians are also willing to visit Iran”, according to Mehr News Agency. The president of the Russian Tourism Organization also said that the Islamic Republic is one of the safest countries for Russian tourists. Safonov also announced the motivation of about 30 million Russian tourists to travel, saying that familiarity with Iran, rich history and culture, the opportunity to buy Iranian carpets and other handicrafts can be the important goals for Russian cultural tourists. Safranov has also announced the most urgent step to be taken by Tehran, the opening of the Bureau of Iran’s Visiting in Moscow by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, as well as the extensive activities of Iranian companies related to Russian cyberspace, media and television. 

The private sector also took advantage of this opportunity, and this time opened the Russian travel market to see Iran. This time, the Russians are supposed to come to Kish Island, especially in the season they are without sun, and Kish has the best weather for them. 

Now the private sector has been working with several Iranian hotels and airlines to launch this time to invite touring Iran tourists to Iran and show the attractions of the cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Kish. From now on, these cities will be visited every two weeks. Times host Russian tourists.

On the same token, on Friday night a 32-member group of the most important tourists and tourists from Russia came to Tehran. There are 8 people from the city of Ufa, nine from the Republic of Tatarstan and the rest from Moscow. They visited attractions such as the Golestan Palace in Tehran and are now scheduled to continue their weekly trip to Kish, from there to Isfahan, Kashan and Abyaneh, and then settle in one of the hotels and go back to their country. The cost of Russian tourist tours will be highlighted on the trip, and the shortcomings and drawbacks of the tour will be announced by these individuals and will eventually be considered in Tehran at the meeting. After the end of the trip, these tour operators will take the necessary steps for the travel of the next group of Russian tourists.


Following this, it will be a two-day Iranian flight from Tatarstan to Kish and from Isfahan to Tatarstan with a capacity of 600 people each week. Iranians can also use this route, but the main purpose of launching this flight is to travel to Russia.

In this regard, Yaghoub Ghassemi, who works in the field of Russian and Kish tourism and tours, told the Mehr News Agency: “We had previously met with the President of Tatarstan, and we had said that we wanted to launch the Kish-Russian airline. They also had agreed that they want that the city of Mashhad will also be added to these routes. We can also have the Russian Muslim market.”He continued: Russia’s top tourism managers have already come to Iran and have seen the attraction of Kish. They were amazed by clean water, the conditions of the tour and the sunshine of the island of Kish. Some say that the number of Russians is limited in Iran and do not come to Iran, but this is not true, by the way, we have asked the Russian Tourism Chief of Russia to enter Iran. 

We hope that good things occur in the future for both of the countries in tourism and collateral ties between the two nations of Russia and Iran and the tourism sector and industry of both nations flourish in the near future.

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