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Rose water Season in Iran

Golab and Rose water is scented water made with rose has a very amazing smell with a lot of is frequently used in Iranian sweets such as Halva ,baklava ,also it has vitamin A and C and some of famous beauty brand have used in their pharmacol and cosmetic products.
On the other hand we should consider that all benefits and advantages of rose water are not limited to just skin and hair has a number of benefits for health which reduce stress and depression as well.
This miracle product which brought to us by nature is made in two famous and attractive cities located in Iran which is Qamsar Kashan and Meymand Fars.
Qamsar Kashan which province of Isfahan has a lot of other attractions for tourist to go has include several villages such as Javinan ,Ghohrood,Kamu and Moslem abad. In every places they made golab which used in some foods,ice-cream and is produced from variety of rose called Gole Mohamadi.
It was Sassanid shahanshahis’ perfume which after Islam the name of flower changed to Gole Mohamadi (flower of Mohammad) and nowadays it is become as the Islamic perfume and a large amount of this rose water is sent to Mecca.
Every year Iranian people has a Golab Jashnvare and festival which occur at mid April until June.they have a special events which attract every tourists that goes to that the first day the most beautiful girl in village must pick first flowers then other woman clean flowers then she got flower to a man whom produce Golab and wishes a good marriage for herself and fortunate year for all and after this ceremony they start Golab production.
They pick flowers at 4 or 5 Am in the morning from gardens and they have to do it before sunrise because sun decrease flowers’ smell then they clean and boil them and transfer steam in another container which is in water to cold steam and convert it to liquid.

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