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Rose bath for babies (Golghaltan)

Rose bath for babies (Golghaltan) is a national ceremony that takes place in different cities in Iran, which are famous for their damask rose, like Kashan city in Esfahan province and Damghan, a county located on the Iran plateau, in Semnan province, a 7000 years old city(4,000 BCE) located in 342 Km east of Tehran.

Golghaltan ceremony is originated in Damghan since hundred years ago. Back in then the ceremony was held in the city’s public bath.

In the first spring of a child’s life, his mother, grandmother and aunts pick lots of fresh and scented roses from gardens and fill a white linen with them and lay the baby down in it, holding sides of the cloth, swinging it and singing local songs in praise of Prophet Mohammad, wishing good health and fortune for the baby. In Iran, the flower is called Mohammadi rose, since Prophet Mohammad used to apply rose water for its health-care benefits

They believe that rolling baby in flowers prevents disease and brings freshness and happiness.

What to visit in Damghan

Other attractions:

  • Chehel Dokhtar tower
  • Tarikhune mosque, an 8th century monument.
  • Cheshmeh Ali garden
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