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Qatar Expands Investments in Kish Tourism

A common meeting between the Qatari representatives and the officials of Kish Island was held covering the issue of tourism and investment. According to “Shahr-e Farda” News Agency, in a meeting with the officials of Kish Island and some officials of Qatar Tourism Sector, negotiations took place about maintaining flights from Doha to Kish and also the possibility of providing services and equipment on behalf of Qatari Flight Companies to Iranian flights. Moreover, the Qatari Committee stated that this country on the wake of the problems between Qatar and other countries around Persian Gulf, is interested in choosing Kish Island as the weekend vacation resort for the Qatari tourists. It has been provisioned that the delegation from Qatar travel to to this area to visit the infrastructural equipment of Kish airport, constructing Kish on the Island and creating the infrastructures for the airport.According to the negotiations and possible contracts between the soccer federation officials of both countries, it is probable that the Preparation and Training Camps of National Teams for World Cup 2022 be held in the country of Iran and in the Island of Kish. Also, followed by a formal invitation, Sheikh Navaf al-Sani, the head of tourism investment and also the head of Hoteliers Community of Qatar, is to travel to Kish and examine the conditions of investment and hotelier sectors of this island and part of Iran.


It is hoped that good events and happenings would occur between the countries of Qatar and Islamic Republic of Iran in the future so that the tourism industry of both countries develop and mutual ties strengthen accordingly.

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