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Pooladkaf Ski Resort

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pooladkaf ski resort,irantravelingcenter

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf  Ski Resort 4 star hotel is located 10 km of  Sepidan road in a most pleasant rocky atmosphere and surrounded by some of the most amazing natural sceneries in Iran like Margoon waterfall or Barm Firooz lake. Filled with beauty and modernity, majestic lighting and a breathtaking rocky view, your room at Pooladkaf will provide you with the suitable  accommodation at Pooladkaf Ski Resort. Room equipment include twin bed, refrigerator, TV, telephone, air conditioning, central cable system, internet, safe, electric card key system, mini-bar, bathroom, dryer, towel and slippers plus extra service and other facilities. The four season multi-purpose complex of Pooladkaf is the second biggest international ski resort located in Sepidan and 85 km north west of Shiraz in a 500 hectare field built for sport and recreational purposes. Located at an altitude of 2850 meters from sea level, Pooladkaf Ski Resort provides many different equipment and facilities for its visitors: tele-cabin(gondola lift), restaurant, fast food, coffee shop, inn, hotel, snow mobiles, mountain vehicles, intelligent wheels, pedal boats, horse riding, bike riding, lending ski equipment, teaching ski fundamentals, etc.

This hotel contains 52 rooms, 4 suites, and 10 Mongolian Yurts.
Well trained staff and high quality ingredients at Pooladkaf Hotel Restaurant will provide delicious Persian and nonPersian dishes for visitors with a breathtaking view.
Pool and billiards, table football and a range of seasonal beverages, combined with a breathtaking view, will most
certainly add to the joy of this amazing experience for those coming with friends and relatives.
Pooladkaf Hotel Coffee Shop provides a relaxing atmosphere for those visitors who need a moment of calmness to
ease up their mind. Different hot and cold beverages, different desserts, ice creams and cakes can enrich your
gathering with friends and relatives.
Mongolian Yurts– These luxurious 5 star tents provide an accommodation at the heart of nature and visitors get the
chance to get closer to the wild with an elegant perspective. Yurts are tents made of wool and animal skin used by
the Mongols and the Turks to reside for many years. The yurts at Pooladkaf Hotel are the first 5 star accommodation
facilities in Iran that can bring a different experience for any visitor which include full-board services.
The facilities available at this complex include: the 4 star Pooladkaf Hotel located in a 5000 square meter land and
consists of 72 rooms (2/3 bed), 4 suites(6 ppl), and 10 Mongolian Yurts (chadors or tents) (4 ppl).

pooladkaf ski resort,irantravelingcenter

Nearby attractions

Margoon waterfall :

waterfall is one of the most amazing and glorious waterfalls in Iran with a height of 70 m and a width of 100 m. It has been registered as a national natural wonder and every year thousands of visitors come to view this spectacular scenery. The hillside is densely covered with tall trees and combined with tall mountains covered with green moss, gives an exceptional majestic view. The water from Margoon waterfall leads a curvy path to reach and water the surrounding lands. Wild flowers grown in these lands are a complex of different flowers like wild tulips and the amazing up-side-down tulips and colorful mallow flowers, which will create an unforgettable experience for every visitor. 

Barm firooz lake and mountain

Trekking to the beautiful Barm Firooz lake, which feeds from melted snow, is located at 3350 m altitude. The lake gradually starts to flow from May, reaching its most glorious beauty in June. In June, visitors witness a spectacular scene, where on one side of the lake the footsteps of snow start to show up, while on the other side the land is covered with the green of lawn and the yellow of wild flowers.

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