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Being introduced as on of the top travel destinations in 2016, more passengers are eager to travel to Iran and explore its history, culture and nature. Ancient towns that date back to the Silk Road era, fascinating architecture of mosques and friendly people… it’s time to demystify the misconceptions about Iran! Exquisite palaces and brilliant bazaars make Iran a true travel gem.

Let’s review some of your frequently asked questions about planning you travel to Iran, this brilliant gem:

Let’s review some of your frequently asked questions about planning you travel to Iran

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

You are safe and Iranian people are very welcoming. It’s not our sayings, but most of our client’s belief that Iran is one of the safest countries for tourist. Hospitality, peacefulness and friendly manner of Iranians will be the most specific characteristic of your travel to Iran.New tourist wave are getting ready for their travel to Iran, statistics shows growth in incoming tours in 2016. Iran is much safer than Westerners might expect. Be relaxed in Iran, leave aside your preconceptions and come with an open mind. Iran is probably the safest country you’ve ever visited.

Can Americans, British and Canadian travel to Iran?

Like many other nationalities, American, British , Canadian, can also travel to Iran. The different point is that US passport holders are only allowed into Iran with a guide. Also they cannot make their own arrangements or changes in the program; it has to be pre-organized. All the process is done by travel agency; from visa procedure to Iran tour itinerary. Moreover Iran visa issue process for US citizens last longer than other nationalities and they have to apply for their visa about 4 weeks earlier than travel time. The Iranian government requires all American, British and Canadian  tourists travel to Iran with a private guide or group tour. Your Iranian guide will be specially authorized to guide American, British and Canadian citizens. He/she should be aware of any relevant Iranian government regulations.

If you happen to be the independent traveler, don’t be deterred by this requirement. You can both experienced a group tour and a private guide in your travel to Iran. In both circumstances, you will have ample time to explore, walk the streets and browse the bazaars (markets) on your own. Making connections with ordinary people, eating street food or accepting invitations to people’s homes.

Update: As of February 2014 it is also required for the UK and Canadian citizens to either be part of a group tour or have a private guide to receive a visa to Iran. (by

Travel to Iran from UK?

Like US citizens, British and Canadian citizens should travel to Iran with a guided tour. Your tour company  will completed the authorization number process and arrange the tour program based on your desired time and budget. Once you have the visa authorization code, you could apply for Iran visa by including the reference number along with the rest of paperwork.

Overall, the visa process is pretty straightforward and includes a couple of forms, itinerary, flight information, and standard visa application information. You can read more details on Iran visa.

Iran Travel Agencies and Tours:

After years of experience in Iran tourist industry, “Homafaran Khorshid Savar tour and travel agency Ltd” in 2000, which is licensed by “Tourism and cultural heritage organization of Iran” with the registration number of 922/133/1286 started to work. Homafaran was registered in the Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce. The first international branch of “Homafaran Tour and Travel agency Ltd” has been established in Tbilisi, Georgia on June 2013.

Homafaran is focused on facilitating traveling to Iran and providing services to these travelers. The company has always operated as an independent tour company and has never been a branch or representative of any other agency or company. Homafaran is best known among customers through its commercial name “Iran traveling center”. Our main agenda at Homafaran is to allow our customers plan their customized travel with our years of practical experience in planning and operating tours.

Solo Female Travel to Iran:

Solo female travel to Iran is exactly the same as male travels to Iran. Iran is quite safe especially for women, just stick to the general safety guidelines. Iran is even safer than many other countries. People are so hospitable and kind to the tourists. They are helpful as well, so whenever you need help, be sure that there is someone who is eager to help. Violence against foreign women is almost unheard of in Iran.

Maybe one of the main differences to other countries you’d traveled before, is Iranian dress code and hijab, and this is the biggest concern for female travelers to Iran. As an Islamic country, Iran has its own rules for dressing in public. In general, the best tip is to see what locals of the same sex and similar age to you are wearing, in everyday public life. Then ‘do as the Romans do’!

As a woman, you should cover the hair with headscarves. This headscarf accompanies you all time you’re in the country except in hotel’s room. If your headscarf falls (which happens often!) don’t worry and quickly put it back on again. It’s not so serious point, but just pay attention at all times. The other one is Manto that is your body cover. Wear somehow loose-fitting tops and three-quarter length sleeves are acceptable. Read more on Things to Know before Traveling to Iran.

Iran visa Requirements:

In Iran Traveling center you can apply for Iran tourist visa in a safe way and free. Iran tourist visa is issued for almost all nationalities who plan to visit Iran.  Or those who wish to visit their families living in Iran. The duration of Iran tourist visa can vary from 14 to 30 days based on applicants require. By completing Iran Visa Application Form, our visa staffs will check the submitted information and reply back.

Iran visa requirements:

Filling in the application form via Iran Traveling Center.

We apply for your visa through Iran ministry of foreign affairs.

Within 3-14 days we send your visa authorization number.

Within 2-5 days at an Iranian embassy or consulate you can receive your visa. You can apply for a 30 days Iran visa initially.

It’s not enough, I need more information for planning my travel to Iran

Don’t worry we try to answer more questions about your travel to Iran. And also made good Iran Travel Guide in Iran Traveling Center just you need to clicks and read hundreds of pages about travel to Iran.

Are you ready? Let’s start planing your trip and make first steps for planing your travel to Iran

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