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Persian Dream Tour in 36 Days

In Persian Dream Tour in 36 Days almost every part of the country is included and you have plenty time to pass through Iran main highlights. Persian Dream Tour in 36 Days itinerary:

Day 1  Tehran

Arrival in Tehran, transfer to hotel. Overnight Tehran.
Day 2  Tehran

Full day city tour of Tehran to visit the Archaeological, Glass and, Jewelry museums and also 19th century Golestan Palace. Overnight Tehran.

Day 3  Tehran
Full day city tour in Tehran to visit Carpet and Reza Abassi museum, then visiting Sadabad and Nyavaran Palace, Overnight Tehran.
Day 4  Tehran/ Abyaneh

Drive to Kashan to visit the prehistoric site back to 6000 years ago then going to Abyaneh that is the beautiful village and you can see the form of the life like 2000 years ago. Overnight Abyaneh.

Day 5 Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan and half day city tour in the this beautiful city. Overnight Isfahan
Day 6  Isfahan
Full day city tour of Isfahan to visit Vank Cathedral, Sio-se-Pol and Khajou bridges, Chehel- Sotoun Palace, Friday Mosque and bazaar. Overnight Isfahan

Day 7  Isfahan
City tour Isfahan to see Hasht-Behesht and A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 8
Isfahan/Yazd Drive to Yazd , en-route visit Friday Mosque and a 17th century house in Na’in , afternoon arrive Yazd and visit Towers of Silence , Fire Temple , Friday Mosque and Dowlat-Abad Garden. Overnight Yazd.

Day 9
Yazd Half day city tour in Yazd, then Camel riding tour in the dessert near Yazd. Overnight Yazd

Day 10  Yazd/ Zaynodin Caravansara/ Kerman
Drive to Kerman,  On the way we have a chance to take our lunch in the middle of the dessert in Zaynodin Caravansara, afternoon visit Ganj-Ali-Khan Complex (bazaar , bath and caravanserai) , Friday Mosque. Overnight Kerman.

Day 11  Kerman/Mahan
Full day excursion to Mahan to visit Shah Nematolah-e-Vali Shrine and the Prince Garden. Overnight Kerman

Day 12  Kerman/Shiraz
Drive to Shiraz in the morning and on the way you can see the biggest Fig gardens in the world. Overnight Shiraz

Day 13 Shiraz
Full day city tour of Shiraz, to visit Eram Garden, Nasiro- Molk Mosque, Narenjestan Palace, tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi and Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine. Overnight Shiraz

Day 14  Shiraz
Full day tour to visit Persepolis, Naghsh-E-Rustam,  Pasargadae the tomb of Cyrus the great/ overnight Shiraz

Day 15  Kish
Fly to Kish to visit the most beautiful island in the Persian Gulf for diving, free at leisure for relaxation.

Day 16   Kish Island

Day 17  Kish Island and fly back to Shiraz in the evening

Day 18  Yasuj
Drive to Yasuj via Ardekan and we will have a skiing tour in Ardekan, overnight Yasuj

Day 19  Ahvaz
Half day city tour in Yasuj to enjoy its beautiful nature, then Leaving for Ahvaz which is an oil city/ Overnight Ahvaz

Day 20   Susa
Drive to Susa to visit the magnificent temple chogha zanbil and the ancient city of Susa. Overnight Susa

Day 21   Hamadan
Drive to Hamadan and on the way we have a chance to visit an ancient fire temple from the time of Median and also a huge bridge back to two thousands years ago. Overnight Hamadan

Day 22  Hamadan
Full-day city tour including visit of Esther & Mordekhay mausoleum. Gombad alavian, Hegmatana hill ruins of seven folds civilization. Overnight Hamadan.

Day 23   Kermanshah
Excursion to Kermanshah to visit Sassanian bas-reliefs at Tagh-e Bostan, the Achaemenian inscriptions and reliefs at Bisotun and the Anahita Temple at Kangavar. Overnight Hamadan.

Day 24   Zanjan
Drive to Zanjan to visit the huge dome from 13 century and then visiting one of the biggest caves in the world that is called Ali Sadr cave. Overnight Zanjan.

Day 25   Tabriz
Drive to Tabriz in the morning and half day city tour in Tabriz. Overnight Tabriz.

Day 26  Tabriz
Half day city tour, free at leisure in the afternoon/ Overnight Tabriz

Day 27   Orumiyeh
Drive to St. Thaddeus (Black) Church near Maku, then we will continue our trip to Orumiyeh. Overnight Orumiyeh.

Day 28  Orumiyeh
Full day tour in the city and around especially its beautiful salty lake / overnight Orumiyeh.

Day 29   Sarien
Drive to Sarien and stay in SPAs in Sareein. Overnight Sarien.

Day 30   Sarien
Half day enjoying the spas in Sareein to Relax then drives to Ardebil 30 kilometers away from Sarien to visit Sheikh Safi- eddin Ardebil Shrine. Overnight Sarien

Day 31 Anzali
Drive to Caspian Sea to visit one of the most beautiful lagoon in the world near Anzali. Overnight Anzali

Day 32   Masuleh
Drive to the village of Masuleh and its beautiful nature. Overnight Masuleh.

Day 33   Qazvin
Drive to Qazvin in the morning and Half day city tour of Qazvin including a visit to Chehel sotun palace/ Overnight Qazvin

Day 34 Tehran
We have a chance to visit the Castle of the Assassins, then drive to Tehran. Overnight Tehran

Day 35   Tehran Free at leisure in Tehran

Day 36   Transfer to airport and departure to your country.

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