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Pars Museum Shiraz

Pars Museum in Shiraz in Nazar Garden

Pars Museum is almost little in size but it has a glorious monument built inside the garden of Nazar during Zand Dynasty approximately 200 years ago by the order of Karim Khan. The edifice is just a small part of Karim Khan’s royal project for constructing this for the administration of court and the ordinary people of Shiraz. Several other monuments and buildings were built near this garden including Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bathhouse, Vakil Bazaar and so on. This museum is placed inside a garden known as Nazar Garden which dates back to the Safavid time. There is an edifice which is in fact a pavilion with wonderful decorations of tile works and beautiful brick works. The garden is located across from Karim Khan Citadel and it has been the place where he met the diplomats from other countries.This garden was larger than that of the former time, however, it is big enough for the edifice of the museum. Under the influence of European arts in Iran, the pavilion was named Kolah-e Farangi (foreign hat) which is also the name used for similar monuments and edifices.The octagonal shape of the monument with its extraordinarily beautiful decorations has added to the beauty of this attraction especially its tiles with floral motifs and birds and flowers depicted on their surfaces.The function of this garden has changed since 1943 when it was used as a museum keeping exquisite items which are on display inside the glass boxes of the museum. You can see the decorations of frescoes with mixtures of gold and dark red colors. You can spend time exploring the interesting items of this museum, to the extent that you are interested in Persian art, history and architecture.

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Visiting time:8:30 AM–13:30PM, 14:30–17:00PM

Entrance fee: About 4 US$

Address:Shiraz Shahrdari Square, Across from Karim Khan Citadel


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