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Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz

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Address:Hafiz Street, across from Jahan Nama Garden, Shiraz, Iran.

Saadi Hotel Park is a four-star accommodation in the city of love and affection on Hafiz Street opposite Jahan Nama Garden. The hotel is placed near one of the most frequent visited attractions of the city of literature which is the tombstone of one of the world’s best love poetry masters. This nice hotel has all the facilities required for bringing ease and comfort to its guests who visit and stay at this accommodating place. These room facilities depending on the room you choose are as follows: telephone, TV and satellite, air conditioning, bathroom, bathtub and shower, working desk and finally color printer. Other amenities include reception, parking space, lobby, Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, billiard for playing and having fun, sauna and Jacuzzi for relaxation, and having a great time, room service and finally wonderful restaurants with lots of delicious local Persian and international cuisine to quench your hunger with great foods and dishes and drinks.The last point worth mentioning is that this 4-star hotel has a very fabulous yard for its guests to enjoy their experience at this hotel and make their trip more memorable. The hotel is comfortable with good breakfast and the staff are so accommodating. And it is just a five-minute walk to arrive at Hafiz Mausoleum. Enjoy you stay at this accommodation during your Iran trip in Shiraz in this part of Iran. 

Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz to Hafez Tomb. 5 min. walk.

Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz to Jahan Nama Garden. 1 min. walk.

Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz to Tomb of saadi. 8 min by car.

Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz to Vakil Mosque. 11 min by car.

Park saadi Hotel Shiraz to Nasir Al_Molk Mosque.15 min by car.

Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz to Shiraz Airport. 21 min by car.

1)Check-in time of hotels is usually 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00 PM in Iran.
2)Pets are not normally allowed to enter hotels in Iran.
3)Tourists are permitted to stay in Iran’s hotels even if they are not married to each other by law.
4)In all hotels of Iran, breakfast is included in your night’s stay. But most hotels have restaurants also serving lunch and dinner, but the extra expenses should be paid by you.
In most hotels especially the hotels that have more than three stars, primary facilities such as TV, towel, soap, shampoo, sandals, brush, toothpaste and safety box exist and the minibar of the fridge include mineral water, juice and snack. Hotels are equipped with air conditioning depending on the season.


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