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Northern Iran a Paradise with Wonderful Nature

A Paradise, North of Iran

North of Iran has some of the most scenic views and is full of many unforgettable features such as its favorable climate, delicious local foods, great traditional architecture and nice colorful clothing. This region with its moderate Caspian Climate attracts many people every weekend. It has both mountain and seaside life, thus it has long become one of the most popular destinations during vacations for the city residents and travelers.

Besides there are many villas near the sea side and beaches to stay at and relax and enjoy your time in the northern part of Iran along the Caspian Sea. The places worth being visited by the tourists include cities such as Noshahr, Malavan, Chalus, Namkabrud, Darya Kenar, Ramsar, Kelardasht, Roodbarak, Rasht and so many other places to spend your precious time in. You may rent villas near the seashore in the city of Noshahr or stay the night inside a cottage in the dense jungles of Ramsar. The traditional clothes of the women of Talesh, the scenic views of Asalem-Khalkhal road trail, the rural life of the inhabitants of Loomavesht are among the other attractions of this region in Iran.

Alamkuh and Takht-e Suleiman mountain peaks in this region are two other great places in the area and appropriate for Eco tour lovers. Tourists can go hiking in the mountainous jungles, do fishing in the streams below the mountain ranges, and finally enjoy watching the Valasht valley which is really scenic and eye-catching with respect to its great nature. The intact nature of Kelardasht has yet to be discovered by human beings and it is even called the Switzerland of Iran because of its impeccably wonderful nature.

North of Iran has its beautiful villages with their unique architecture and happy or colorful clothes worn by their men and especially women. A vivid example is the ancient village of Masouleh where architecture of the houses is so that the yard of one house is the roof of another house. The clothing of the aboriginal residents of such villages is uniquely colorful, stylish and happy. Happiness will be livened in your minds as you look at these happy women in elegant dresses and the clothing of men is so tidy and graceful that one may think of some VIPs living rural life in the village. The natural hot spring baths and spas and pebble beaches of the city resorts of Ramsar are also some other famous places in the north of Iran worth visiting. One of the other amazing features of these regions is its specialties or the kinds of local foods cooked by the native people of every distinct area. The seaport city of Nowshahr is nearest one to Tehran and one of the two cities in the province which has an airport, Nowshahar is a major transit spot between the seacoast states on the Caspian Sea. Its soft climate, beaches and vicinity to the Sisangan Forest Park are among the advantages of this popular vacation destination.Sisangan Forest Park is one of the district’s major tourist destinations. 31 km east of the city of Noshahr, the dense jungle spreads on a narrow piece from the Caspian Sea seashores to the mountains peaks of Alborz and it offers many activities for recreation of the body and soul such as horseback riding inside the forest, and having pleasurable time in its picnic areas equipped with facilities.
Besides connecting the capital city to the northern provinces of the country, Chalus, only 200 km from Tehran, is situated at the heart of many popular mountain and seashore resorts.

The capital city of the Gilan province, Rasht is a major city in the Caspian Sea region. It is a distribution center of agricultural products from fertile lands in the north of the country, and a main transportation hub between the Caucasus, Russia and Iran; thus, a leading commerce hub. a hectic and lively life style is apparent in the trade activities throughout the city during the daytime, and in the crowded restaurants, movie theaters, and crowded streets in the city center at night. Rasht is known for its unique cuisine, especially its seafood and traditional rural life style. This can be best discovered during the day in its open air market, with its numerous little food stores and sellers from surrounding villages offering fresh products such as poultry including live chickens and ducks, their eggs, fruits such as olives, and finally edible fish. You can also witness shoppers bargaining for lower prices in the packed alleys in the bazaar and neighboring streets.

A bordering city with the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the Aras River flows into the Caspian Sea is where you can find the gorgeous city of Astara. It is one of the country’s free commercial zones and a leading trade hub in the north. It is also Iran’s land connection to Russia and the other states which appeared after the Soviet Union disintegration – so, linking Iranian roads to Europe.

Anzali is a port town on the Caspian Sea, in Gilan province, close to Rasht. The long harbor walk and the water-logged delta of the Sefid Rud are among the tourist attractions of this area. Anzali Port is the most significant seaport in the north of Iran. It comprises of a main island “Mianposhteh” and the lands around it. Anzali Lagoon is a coastal body of water in the Caspian Sea close to the city of Anzali which is rich in fish. Thus tourists can go fishing there to enjoy their time.

Local dishes of this region which are organic in their ingredients and very delicious are smoked eggplant, Baghla Ghatogh which is a local specialty in which stew beans and fava beans are served, marinated olives seasoned with garlic, walnut and sour pomegranate juice, really delicious saffron rice with sour berries and crunchy roasted potatoes, fish prepared Lahidjani-style, and with parsley decoration with sour yogurt with boiled chopped beetroot and a sprinkle of cinnamon as appetizer. The specialties of Gilan or Gilaki dishes are so delicious you cannot resist eating. The variety and number of local dishes of northern Iran is so vast that cannot be described or talked about in a few lines here, so I recommend you to personally visit the region and enjoy its yummy local Iranian cuisine.

One of the most thrilling attractions in the northern region is wearing local colorful costumes of the local people of that area and have photos as if you are native people of that area on land. If you are a lady, your dress will be a little heavy and long but it will be infatuating and beautiful and you will feel young and happy wearing the blend of colors they wear every day with bright and happy colors. It is really worth being experienced.

All in all, North of Iran is like a paradise for travelers who can enjoy hiking under the shadows of green and lofty trees, go fishing and catch fish by themselves and experience this exciting reality moment of hunting, enjoy watching the scenic and marvelous views of the spectacular green mountain peaks, relax inside the hot water springs, pools and spas of this regions, taste the really delicious specialties of this part of land in Iran as a tourist, spend time in the amazing national parks of northern Iran and finally test being a rural man or woman dressed . So let’s give it a try and we are sure you will not be discerned and you will have some of your greatest times there so do not miss the most pleasant experience of your life.

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