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National Day of Shiraz

It is rather difficult to depict Shiraz on paper, unless you travel to this city. Mid-spring, May 5th, has been named as the National Day of Shiraz in Iran as it is rich in cultural events and historical monuments. Besides, the green inspiring nature of Shiraz, specifically the scent of orange flowers, during Ordĩbehisht (April and May) has made Shiraz quite distinctive among other Iranian cities.

Therefore, this day is specified to introduce the beauties of Shiraz, the spirit and culture of its people to other Iranians and to the world. Regularly, some entertaining programs are being held on behalf of the municipality for the public, including balloons flight, poetry societies, a walking tour in the old city, kite-riding, concerts, food festivals and many more. Public transportations except for taxis, are also free on May 5th.

Should you be interested in visiting Shiraz, May 5th is a chance to join Shirazĩ people, also to enjoy group tours visiting historical monuments as well as a walk in the old city.

You might want to taste sweets in Shiraz or try herbal drinks in different cafes. It is strongly recommended to visit the Tomb of Hafiz on this day to feel the spirit of spring in Shiraz.

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By Eli

Shiraz Day

Shiraz, the city of love, literature, flower and garden, history and culture, Cypress trees and Orange blossoms, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s one of the best destinations to travel and have memorable experiences. The cultural, artistic, and historical features of the city, along with its beautiful nature, have caused the May 5th (15th of Ordibehesht in Persian calendar) to be called “Shiraz Day”.

Accordingly, there are some special programs which are held every year in different historical and cultural sight of the city to make people familiar with different ancient customs and timeless traditions of Shiraz. Some of these programs are painting, calligraphy contest, laughter workshops. Besides these, you can have a walking tour around the city, see the colorful balloons flight, enjoy various concerts and plays, look outstanding handicraft and try delicious local foods and traditional drinks in food festivals.

To get acquainted with the historical and cultural monuments and places of Shiraz, and enjoy these interesting and fascinating programs, just come and see.

By Moloud Zakerzadeh