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Iranian Saffr

Saffron; World’s most expensive spice with high demand

Among the spices in the world, the most expensive with the high demand is saffron. Exactly how expensive, if you may ask, high-quality saffron is more expensive than gold. One gram of it in sold for about 65US$, it is also sometimes called red diamond.


The flower of Saffron in its fields

Why is saffron expensive?

Saffron is the red stigma from inside a purple flower called “ Saffron Crocus”, each flower has 3 stigmas. Gathering the stigma is done by hand, pulled out one by one, a delicate and labor-consuming work. According to CNN, 200,000 stigmas only weight about 500 gr. Iran’s saffron is of the best quality besides consumption for food and sweets it is also used in cosmetics and drugs.


The stigmas up close

This spice has been cultivated in Iran for more than 3000 years ago as documents show. Currently, Iran is the world’s biggest producer, the highest record of Iran’s production is about 90% of the worldwide production which is equivalent to 250 tons. Iran’s saffron is of the best quality besides consumption for food and sweets it is also used in cosmetics and drugs.
Without saffron half, Iranian sweets wouldn’t exist or they just wouldn’t be as tasty as they are. Almost all Iran halva have saffron as flavor and color. The flavor is specially complemented with rose water, pistachio also creates a great combination with Saffron. Its flavor has also entered modern snacks and sweet, saffron ice-cream is as popular as chocolate ice-cream in Iran.


Shole zard, a sweet traditional soup, very tasty when still hot


Saffron ice-cream. Pistachio and frozen bits of cream are usually used for decoration on Iranian traditional Ice-cream.

The best way of using this spice is to smash it and allow it to rest in very hot water for 10 minutes. The mixture can be spread into another ingredient.


Using saffron

In every day Iranian cooking its well used. Dishes such az tahchin, morasa polo could not be without saffron. A very popular flavor for cooking chicken is also saffron.
It is also used in herbal tea which has become very popular and is served in most coffee shops.


Kitchen Tahchin, a favorite in Iran


Saffron rice is used to decorate plain rich in many dishes

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