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Malek Soltan Jarchi Bashi Restaurant in Isfahan

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Jarchi Bashi Restaurant is a traditional Persian restaurant located in Isfahan which attracts hundreds of visitors every day. The traditional atmosphere of this cozy and gorgeous restaurant with its tasty traditional Persian foods and specialties is what every body wishes to experience. The walls of this restaurant are decorated with beautiful parts of scenery from old Isfahan and the past life of kings in Isfahan and Iran. The traditional atmosphere of this restaurant and its traditional Persian cuisine along with the traditional Persian music performed during your eating time inside the restaurant will definitely make the memories linger longer than usual in your minds. We are sure that you will enjoy your time in this very nice and pleasant restaurant. Enjoy your Persian cuisine taste and your experience of culinary tour during your Iran tour. Its menu has special local dishes of Isfahan which are very delicious and you should not miss them; for example, Beryani which is a good portion of baked lamb on a loaf of bread cooked on hot stones. Moreover its stew is very yummy, too. The dishes of this restaurant are served in beautiful handmade copper dishes. The restaurant is very wonderful with great and helpful staff. This well-organized place is suitable for eating lunch or dinner with a large variety of delicious traditional Persian foods on the menu. Inside the restaurant, there is a bath with fantastic decorations and floral motifs that has changed its pleasant atmosphere to a live museum with live concert that is the traditional Persian music played here every day. Its Historical Bath is one of the most ancient baths in Isfahan which was constructed during the Safavid era for both men ad women at the time of construction of Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Its location was close to Jarchi Mosque. This restaurant is like an attraction in Isfahan and it is open from noon to late in the evening and at night. All in all, the ambiance of this both an attraction and a restaurant is marvelous and it is really worth a visit with great food. Enjoy your visit to this place where food and hospitality are combined and have become one to quench your hunger. The warm welcome from the staff and the yummy food you will eat is worth a heavenly food. Enjoy your time in this amazing restaurant.

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opening time from 12–16PM, 19:30–23PM

Address:Isfahan, Sepah Street – Hakim Street – seventh Alley



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