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Kasian Hotel Kashan

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Address : 5th Malek Abad Lane, Malkabad alley , Kashani ave , Kashan, Iran.

Kasian’s Kashan Hotel or Saraye Kasian (Givi Historical House ) is one of the fascinating historical houses of Kashan that has become a magnificent hotel in Kashan for its architectural creativity. The managers have attempted to create memorable nights along with nostalgic memories for the guests. This beautiful and cozy hotel, has been built considering versatility, efficiency, spacing creativity, applying various architectural skills and techniques and extensiveness. Being adapted to the climate and environment, Kasian historic house of Kashan has been able to provide a memorable stay for the guests among the most beautiful, most complete and prominent historical houses of Iran, with its intriguing decoration, beauty, splendor and architectural appearance. The historical Givi or Kassian Serai Hotel is located in an approximate area of 5150 square meters and is in fact built on two main floors. Also, the house has a courtyard with an approximate area of 500 square meters. The courtyard height is about 3 meters lower than the main alley. There is a fresh pool and different flower gardens at the entrance which make you feel home, also astonished while it gives you the feeling of peace at the same time. Kasian Hotel has 17 rooms, totally, including single, double, triple and four-bedded rooms.

Had you travel to Kashan you will find Kasian Hotel (the renovated historical house of Givi, indeed), in the old neighborhood of Taher Mansour, Agha Naraghi alley and enjoying this dream hotel.

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1)Check-in time of hotels is usually 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00 PM in Iran.
2)Pets are not normally allowed to enter hotels in Iran.
3)Tourists are permitted to stay in Iran’s hotels even if they are not married to each other by law.
4)In all hotels of Iran, breakfast is included in your night’s stay. But most hotels have restaurants also serving lunch and dinner, but the extra expenses should be paid by you.
In most hotels especially the hotels that have more than three stars, primary facilities such as TV, towel, soap, shampoo, sandals, brush, toothpaste and safety box exist and the minibar of the fridge include mineral water, juice and snack. Hotels are equipped with air conditioning depending on the season.


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