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Jame Mosque Yazd

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One of the most splendid attractions of Iran or Yazd city is its Jame Mosque of Yazd or Friday Mosque with its unique architecture is a differentiating feature of Iranian mosques in possessing tall entry portals, called pishtaq. This mosque is a particularly fine example of two lofty minarets which are observable from outside of the town. This mosque is witness to Iran’s past wonderful architects with astonishingly perfect knowledge and expertise you could not imagine if you had not seen these masterpieces of Persian and Islamic architecture in the city of mud bricks. The art of calligraphy and engrossing works along with the beautiful patterns and designs on the corners of its ceiling inside the mosque depicting the holy name of Ali which is really marvelous and exquisite. This mosque with its high altitude and blue tiles worked as beacons for the people inside the desert to find their ways. The best time for taking photos is in the evening when the sun is setting and you can observe the unique scenic view of the mosque’s azure blue tile works blended with the sun’s ray of range and red colors evanescent into distant horizons. So try to embed this city and its wonderful mosque in your itinerary when visiting Iran as this architectural beauty is really worth being visited.

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Visiting time  from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Entrance fee: About .. US$

Address: Yazd City, Jame Mosque Street


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