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Iran 14 days Caravanserai Tour

Iranian ancient people tried to make the roads across the country safe for trade and delivering letters or news. This was only fulfilled by building special type of inns for travelers called Caravanserai or Caravansary. Development of caravanserais dates back to Achaemenid era that is more than 2500 years ago. On the roads, Caravanserais were built on a distance that a caravan could travel in a day. Also, caravanserais were built inside of cities too for travelers. The main feature of a caravanserai has an entrance and the inner space is enclosed by walls and ramparts.

Due to long distances between cities and villages and also dryness in most parts of the country the necessity for caravanserais to rest and preparing food arose and without this kind of accommodation there was no possibility to travel throughout the roads and  connect different parts of the country. 

Day 1:Arrival to Tehran

Arrival in Tehran and transfer to hotel. O/N Tehran

Day 2: Tehran

In the morning, we will visit some highlights of Tehran such as the Golestan Palace and the Grand Bazaar.  In the afternoon visit the Iranian Artists Forum, and the award-winning Tabiat Pol pedestrian bridge and adjoining parks.

Day 3: Kashan/Qamsar 

Drive to Garmsar and National Desert Park to explore the small Africa in Iran and stay in Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai. O/N Garmsar

Day 4: Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai

One more day in desert to see much more of its natural beauties. O/N Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai/ Garmsar

Day5 : Kashan

Drive to Kashan where we will visit the beautiful Fin Garden and the Tabatabaei and Borujerdi historic houses, as well as the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse and Aqa Bozorg mosque. O/N Kashan.

Day 6: Maranjab caravanserai

Drive to Maranjab to visit another Safavid caravanserai lied close to desert sand dunes and Salt Lake. O/N Maranjab

Day 7:  Isfahan (Abbasi Caravanserai Hotel)

Drive to Isfahan to visit some of the most important landmarks, such as the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, with its A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques and Bazaar. O/N Isfahan

Day 8: Isfahan

In Isfahan We’ll visit the Vank Cathedral in Julfa, the traditional Armenian quarter, we’ll take in a live music performance at the Isfahan Music Museum. In the evening, visits to Mount Sofeh and Isfahan City Center, Iran’s largest shopping mall. O/N Isfahan

Day 9: Kohpayeh caravanserai

. Drive to Naein. Nain is famous for its Jame mosque, carpet workshops, underground water mill and zurkaneh (traditional Persian bodybuilding center). Dinner and overnight at the Kouhpayeh Caravanserai. O/N Kouhpayeh.

Day 10:  Yazd

Drive to Yazd. En-route stop in Meybod to visit Naarin fortress, Pigeon Tower and the historic ice house. Continue to Yazd and visit Amirchakhmaq square, the Zoroastrian fire temple and Dolat Abad garden. O/N Yad

Day 11: Mehriz caravanserai

Before leaving Yazd to visit one more caravanserai in desert we will visit Tower of Silence. Then spend the evening in Zein-o-Din caravanserai. O/N Mehriz

Day 12: Kharanaq caravanserai

Early in the morning departure for Kharanaq the ancient city and its fortress. Spend the night in Kharanaq caravanserai. O/N Kharanaq

Day 13: Kalmard caravanserai

The last caravanserai of our trip is in Tabas in the very heart of desert where we will also find Palm forest, Ismaeelian fortress and Golshan Garden. Spend the night in Kalmard caravanserai. O/N Tabas

Day 14: Tehran

Drive back to Isfahan. Then take the flight to Tehran to leave the country toward home.

Tour Information

What is the duration of this tour?This tour takes 14 days.

Which cities are included in the itinerary?

What are the advantages of this tour?
1-You will visit all the main historical attractions of Iran.
2-You will become familiar with the main attraction of Iran including its historical places, architectural wonders and many marvelous and ancient monuments.
3-Full range of travel services.
4_You will have the chance of discovering Iran's culture such as its traditions, customs and almost every thing about a foreign land with various foreign culinary foods and enjoy your precious time.
5_You will get familiar with the western and southwestern cities of Iran in addition to the main cities and their attractions.

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