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Iran’s Unforgettable Feature

What have tourists named as Iran’s unforgettable feature?

Countries have many attractions that are either tangible or intangible, which for various reasons become national attractions. Among them some attractions become national symbols. The Eiffel tower is France’s attraction, the Wall of China is unique and one could never forget and china’s symbol. Iran has a long history and many many attraction scattered all around. But we had heard Iranian hospitality is Iran’s unforgettable feature. But we just had to check for our selves at Iran traveling center.

In search of finding this symbol we questioned our guests in March and April 2015, among them 32 of our guest took the online questionnaire. The 6th question was:

Did you find anything unique/authentic in Iran?

Many left this question blank, but among 10 who answered these were their answers:

  • People were amazing. Weather was good and also a lot of people spoke English (Australian)
  • Very good people, respect for all religions, hospitality and very high degree of cleanliness. (Indian)
  • “General” People!
  • Great manners and style, respectful and open minded
  • With curiosity and yet dignity (USA)
  • People mostly were nice and kind (USA)
  • Warmth of Iran people and their ability to not get broken for the Sanction (Indian)
  • People, food, hotels – very nice. Iranian carpets, handcrafts (Russian)
  • Friendly, proud, helpful (Dutch)

So judge for your self.

We would love your opinion too, if you have traveled to Iran and would like to take our questionnaire please visit HERE

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