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Iranian Young Cinema Society

Iranian Young Cinema Society was founded in 1974 and its statute officially was approved by the then Supreme Consultative of Culture & Art in 1975. But it was after the Islamic Revolution of Iran that the society started its activities with new policies and aims in 1985 which as follows:

  • To flourish the creativities and talents of the enthusiastic youths who are interested in film making and photography with regard to the national and Islamic culture and values.
  • To train the enthusiastic youths in order to improve their cine culture.
  • To conduct the processes of film making and amateur photography in Iran. In the beginning, Iranian Young Cinema Society mainly focused its activities on producing 8 & 16 mm films through establishing training courses, thereafter, holding regional and annual festivals were also taken into Consideration in the frame of its programs. The society started its activities along with its four offices in Tehran and at the present time the society has established fifty branches throughout the country.

Fields of activities of Iranian Young Cinema Society:

The Society, in all his fifty centers throughout the country establishes a one semester training courses for the youths groups in the field of photography, animation and film making from amongst students both boys and girls, and the number of them amounts to more than 2000 trainees. And also every year more than 2000 trainees participate in a one year training courses in the field of film making, in which the students will learn camera directing, screen play writing, editing and photography during their 2 semester education. So far, several hundred 8 mm, 16 mm and video films have been produced in the centers affiliated to the society.

It is worth mentioning that in order to introduce the Art works of the youths in nationwide scales, in addition to the four regional Festivals which are held annually by the festival affairs office, a nation – wide festival is also held and the works of the young film makers and photographers are displayed.

International Activities of Iranian Young Cinema Society:

Regarding the international activities of Iranian Young Cinema Society, the Society has been accepted as the sole representative of “Union International Du cinema Nonprofessional” (U N I C A) in Iran in the field of Amateur – Cine. And in this connection, the society’s film festivals have attained great honors in the field of Amateur -Cine. Also the society is one of the member federations of FIAP (The International federation of photographic Art) since 1991.

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