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Iranian Sweets

The oldest sweet food in Iran that dates back to Achaemenian is Halva, which is mostly consumed as a dessert currently in Iran. Other than Halva, sweets breads were the main sweets in old times. Generally said, sweets in Iran have not be modernized. You can still taste the tradition sweets without modern decoration. In Iran culinary tour with your guide, Afi, you will taste and visit a wide variety of Iranian sweets.

Nowadays in Iran, in confectionery store you can find 2 types of sweets, the ones with cream and without cream. Using cream in sweets is a modern development. The most common ingredients is rosewater for flavor in Iranian sweets. Saffron, Cardamon, cinnamon are other popular flavors. We can divide Iranian sweets in to 2 categories roughly; sugar based, such as Sohan asali, Noghl; flour included as like the koluche, yukhe.

You can also read about Iranian traditional ice creams in the following.

In Iran culinary tour you will visit the workshop of the following sweets.


Sweets in Iran

Foman Koluche Photo by:Morteza Rafikhah

Sohan Asali

Sohan Asali

Sohan Asali


Iranian sweets

Isfahan Gaz


Sweets in Iran

A layer of soft flavored sugar covering a pistachio or walnut inside

There are also many regional sweets in Iran:

Zulbiya Bamiye

Sweets in Iran

Sweets special to Ramadan


Iranian sweets

Komach originating in Fasa


Iranian Sweets

Kolompe from Kerman
Kolompe has date filling

Ice creams

You have to try the Traditional ice creams in Iran, you wont find these delights elsewhere, the bastani and faloodeh. In Iran culinary tour you will be taken to the most famous traditional shops for tasting these delights.


Bastani is milk based and includes chunks of frozen cream, this ice cream is sticky. Its texture is different from the international Ice cream. The unique combination is ice cream in Carrot juice. The traditional taste is the saffron flavor that usually includes pistachios usually.

Iranian icecream

Saffron traditional ice cream

Iranian sweets, icecream

Bastani and carrot juice


A starch based noodle only used in this type of ice cream. The Iran culinary tour includes visit to faloodeh workshop. Traditionally faloodeh was eaten with lemon juice or Aragh( flower essence), but nowadays the flavors have increased.

Iranian sweet Faloodeh

Traditional Faloodeh with lemon juice

iranian Sweets icecream

Flavored Faloodeh

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