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Iranian Foods

hile we have a various variety of foods in Iran, if you have visited Iran as a tourist you may not have felt so. Since home made dishes are not served in restaurants usually. Iran was not a very popular destination for tourist in the recent decades thus restaurants had Iranian customers which prefer kebab for the occasional meal out. The restaurant menus have a variety of kebabs but very limited common Iranian dishes that Iranians eat on a daily basis. Gladly with numbers of tourists increasing the restaurant menus are also expanding. One of the reason of the popularity of the Iran culinary tour is exactly this. In Iran culinary tour you will get to taste as many possible dishes and learn to cook many of them with Afi, your professional culinary guide.

The various climates in Iran has brought with it a variety of Culinary dishes. In the north and south of Iran, because of the Caspian sea and Persian golf there is a variety of seafood dishes. In other climates vegetables are the core ingredients.

Before rice became widely cultivated, it was the luxury dish and bread was consumed every day. But mass cultivation and cheaper prices has replaced bread with rice, and nowadays main meals include rice. In Iran Culinary tour you will learn all 2 methods of cooking Persian rice.

Most Iranian main dishes includes meat, we can roughly divide main dishes to three categories: Khoresht, polo and other


Stew is the most common every day meal in Iran. Khoresht is eaten with rice normally. Every khoresht has a core ingredient usually a vegetable that gives the stew its taste. The meat is cooked usually before hand, other ingredients are then added and it has to be cooked until the ingredients completely blend in. Each of the stews have their specific spices and ingredients. These days the meat is cooked in the pressure cooker which reduces the preparation time, but even in that case the mixture has to cook for another 2-3 hours to become a tasty khoresht.

The most famous Iranian stews are as follows. these stews are so common and popular that in restaurants you can also find them:

Sabzi khoresht

Iranian food

Khoresht Sabzi which means herb stew

Bademjan Khoresht

Iranian Food

Eggplant stew

Gheyme Khoresht

Iranian food

Split chickpeas is the core ingredient



Another popular type of dish is polo, which is varies vegetables, nuts and meat cooked with the rice together. Besides tahchin that is very delicious and popular as a restaurant food, the remaining are very seasonal and can not be eaten in restaurants usually. In Iran culinary tour you will cook and try these dishes.


Iranian food

Chicken included, saffron flavoured Tahchin

َAlbalu Polo

Iranian food

Cherry Polo with meat balls

Gheymeh Polo

Iranian Food

Split chickpea with spices and meat, cooked with rice

Morasa Polo

Iranian Foods

A dish rich with nuts meat, saffron

Other types of Iranian dishes


A food that is usually not cooked at home. The meat is marinated and cooked on fire. ٌwhile being able to cook a delicious stew is a show off for women in Iran,  the art of making a delicious Kebab is considered Iranian men pride. The food that Iranian men specialize in and are very happy to show off their craft when out doors with family and friends. There is a variety of Red meat kebabs, minced or not. In Iran we like the meat cooked completely, so we don’t cook thick slices of meat like steak, the kebabs are smaller meat pieces so they can be thoroughly cooked.

Iranian food kebab

Various Kebabs served in Iranian restaurants

iranan kebab

The most popular Kebabs in Iran


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