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Iranian Beverages

In Iran, the Islamic republic, Alcohol is prohibited so all drinks and beverages are non-alcoholic. We can divide our traditional beverages into cold and warm.


Cold beverages were drunk traditionally in warmer seasons. Sherbet which is fruit syrup is very common beverage for guests, sekanjebin is popular sharbet. Fresh juices weren’t that common traditionally, only carrot juice which is matched with Iranian traditional ice cream. Flower essence beverages called “ Aragh” are very popular and refreshing, a must try in Iran. Aragh sometimes also has seeds in it such as Chia seed. In Iran culinary tour you will visit the essence making workshops.
The variety exceeds 30-40 types, since each flower has its aragh. Each aragh has its own medical properties too, a knowledge that is quite well known among Iranians. Aragh are the first remedies in Iran for many light physical problems. you will learn all about Iranian aragh varieties in Iran culinary tour with Afi.

Iranian beverages

Aragh with seeds inside


Iranian Beverages

The variety of Araghs


For those who have visited Iran this will be a surprise, but coffee came into Iran more than a century before tea did. Nowadays the most common beverage is black tea in Iran. Green tea does not have a long history in Iran, its popular now because of its health benefits, in general the taste is too bitter for the Iranian taste. In Iran we take tea while its still very hot, Ice tea is not at all popular in Iran. Even in warm seasons it is often served. Tea after lunch is also very common. Tea is usually drunk with sugar cubes.
Herbal tea or tisane is also quite popular especially for the healing properties they have.

Iranian bevrages

Iranian tea been served traditionally


Iranian beverages

Variety of herbal tea

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