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Iranian Appetizers


Traditionally when a meal was served in Iran, the table was set, every dish was placed on the table and then everybody would start eating. Even the Halva at times would be placed on the table from the beginning, although in some households it would be served at the end of the meal. There was no order in eating the dishes, what we call appetizers today, would be placed beside the main dish at the table together, so it’s very hard to define Iranian appetizers, main dishes and side dishes in the Iranian cuisine. Since appetizers were light, many are eaten as light main meals too, so again it’s difficult to draw a line between the categories. In order to cover the whole spectrum, first of all we will bring the Iranian appetizer – side dishes, following we shall explain appetizer – main meal dishes.

Appetizer-side dishes

It’s very usual to have a side dish accompanying  the main dish at meals. People usually have their own favorite side dish for each meal. The most common side dish is the various pickles. Yogurt is also very popular, salads are also a side dish.

Fresh herbs

please study Fresh herbs.


All over Iran pickles are commonly eaten, with an unthinkable variety. Red pepper pickles, mixed vegetable pickle, unripe walnut pickle, lemon peel pickle even watermelon pickle are just examples of very various types of pickles made throughout Iran. There are stores that specialize in pickles in Iran, but still many households make their own pickles based on their taste. In Iran Culinary tour you will make pickles with your guide Afi, also accompanied to pickle stores and get to taste as many as you like to taste.


Appetizers in Iran

Variety of pickles

Appetizers in iran

Pickle shop in Iran


Iranian cuisine without yogurt would be incomplete, while this couldn’t be said for milk or butter. Dough, a popular beverage is also made of yogurt. Plain at the table is the easiest and most common way of eating it, but its combinations are also very tasty and popular. According to season the yogurt mix is different. According to the season and location you will make and try yogurt dishes in the Iran Culinary tour.


labu yogurt


Spinach yogurt


The concept of Salad also did not exist in Persian language. The consumption of Vegetables was mixed in other dishes or as snacks. The only famous type of salad in Iran is the Shirazi salad. which you will make and taste with Afi.

Nowadays salad is very popular in Iran.


Appetizer – Main Dish

Most of the dishes that fall into this category are vegetarian dishes. They are easy to make compared to main dishes and usually have one core ingredients. It’s hard to categorize them, in the following you can see several of them. Many appetizers will be taught in Iran culinary tour.

kashk bademjan


Appetizer iran

An eggplant dish


Appetizer in Iran

Acanthus based


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