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Iranian Women Fashion

In recent years, Iranian fashion designers have been making a name for themselves both at home and abroad. Here we highlight seven of the best. Iranian Women fashion designer start the new movement in cloth design and fashion in Iran. They start to fusion of traditional and new art design. The Islamic dress code in Iran largely limits what people, especially women, are free to wear, and for many years, the designs emerging from Iran were uncreative and drab, with people turning to Western brands for stylish alternatives. Today, however, the tide is turning. Here we examine the fashion designers who are making a name for themselves both in Iran and the rest of the world. Here is some photos of Pooshema.  “POOSH-e Ma” with the initial name “POOSH” founded and started by Farnaz Abdoli with the official expo with the title “Street style fashion” in the Gallery of design in Shiraz in 2012. After start to work in cooperation with Mohammad Reza Vojoodi as COO (Chief Operating Officer) POOSH Continues more professional and high circulation of their work.

Iranian Women Fashion and new fashion design in Iran:






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