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Iran Visa News


Iran has Planned to Ease Visa Issue for Several Countries such as Serbian Citizens

First, negotiations have been done to mutually waiver the visa requirement between Serbia and Iran:  

Following a meeting between the Foreign Ministry officials and the coordinating office of the governments of the two countries of Serbia and Iran, it was decided that the Visa requirements for the citizens of both countries of Serbia and Iran be removed. On the wake of this agreement between the two states visa rules will be mutually relaxed for the travelers of both nations. This is to accelerate the time consuming process of visa issuing for these two countries; thus making the tourism industry of both countries more active by receiving more tourists annually.  

Second issue concerning the visa requirement policy is related to the countries of America, Canada and England as explained below:

But among the good news mentioned above, the good news is that our agency works on behalf of Iran’s government and Tourism and Heritage Organization and has been granted the permit to admit travelers who have traveled with the aim of visiting Iran as pilgrim tourists from the three countries of America, Canada and Britain without the tour services. Thus the travelers who come from these three countries can travel to Iran but the requirement is that they must meet the three conditions mentioned below, and they are not forced by law to buy their hotels or tour guides from our agency.

They must be Muslims (Other religions are not allowed to use this kind of visa).

  1. They must be Shiite (The Sunnis are not permitted to use this kind of visa).
  2. They are only allowed to visit the cities of Tehran, Mashhad and Qom, if they are willing to travel to other cities in Iran, they must have requested for touristy visa with the same previous conditions before their travel to Iran (accompanied by tour guide and hotel reservation, etc.).
  3. They must make a group of at most 4 persons to hold the tour.


Third issue is related to the country of Russia and what had been planned during the negotiations and the agreements concluded between the two countries concerning the issue of Visa waiver plan:

The first phase of visa waiver plan was to be implemented during interactions and negotiations with the country of Russia which called for relaxation of visa procedures for people active in trade, science and tourism sectors, was enforced as effective in February 2016. The second phase was to set the logistics for waiving the visa requirements for group tours.The third and final phase is the implementation of a totally visa-free travel and it will be realized in the near future. Iran also issues visa on arrival at 10 international airports for citizens of more than 180 countries across the world.And the last issue is related to such mutual removal of visa requirements for citizens of other countries when traveling to Iran and Iranian tourists traveling to the destinations in those countries:

Namely, while Iran has mutually abolished the visa regime with Armenia and Georgia, such talks are underway with China, Azerbaijan and India.