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Iran Travel Insurance

Iran Travel Insurance with Iran Traveling Center and IATI

When planning your trip to Iran we know health is a very important point of the whole plan. In Iran simple medical attention and medicines are quite cheap. But any health issue that could need you to stay in the hospital or surgeries, etc.… could be very expensive. That’s when we realize we should have done a Iran travel insurance, that could cover this problem in a much more cheaper way.

Since it is mandatory to have a Iran Travel Insurance and they will ask for it by the time you land in the country, it would very smart to have it before you arrive in Iran, so that way you won’t have to wait long lines at the airport.

Iran Traveling Center has an agreement with a company of travel insurances called IATI, and our clients can get a 5% discount getting the Iran Travel Insurance with them. If you would like to check their policies, you can click on the image and you will be able see all the options for your trip.


You can consult doubts via phone, email or go to their offices to get inform about what different plan is the best one, to get the discount you can get it via this link (LINK). The discount can be also used for any country you would like to travel.

IATI is the best option for your trip to Iran because they have a big range of possibilities with different levels of coverage, and even specialized in backpacker trips or families with kids. And not only the problems with your health, with IATI you could also solve: robbery issues, lost luggage, delay of flights, cancellations…In every option is not needed to pay in advance. This company does not have franchises.

IATI is an insurance broker, founded in 1885 and being in this business for four generations, when trips were made only by boat.

Their primary goal is to be close to their customers and offer them a personalized service, thanks to the new technologies they are available 24 hours a day. Even if they sell their insurances online, they have a great team of people at your service.



Important: Travel insurance for Iran

As a rule of thumb it is always a good idea to have a decent travel insurance whenever you travel abroad regardless of your destination. As of late this has become a mandatory requirement to be able to get your visa for Iran, be it visa on arrival or standard tourist visa to Iran .

Your insurance policy must clearly state that it is valid for Iran. Your personal insurance company wherever you live should be able to do that for you or you can get that through IATI, which is a Spanish insurance company with a good track record in travel insurances to destinations like Iran.

They give us a 5% discount which we will it pass it along to you. There is a link in below for IATI website. So, if you chose to get your travel insurance for Iran with IATI you will need to make sure you tell them that is for traveling to Iran.


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