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Iran Tourism For US Citizens

Who Iranians are?

Boasting 10,000 years of history and a rich geography, the sublime landscape of Iran enjoys a rich Persian culture and ancient exotic traditions of trade and literature, beautiful monuments and magnificent natural beauties.

Are Iranians hospitable?

The warm hospitality of the people along with a rich offering or Iran tourist attractions, impressive landscapes ranging from spectacular snow-capped peaks, mysterious forests, beautiful landscapes and unique Iran tourism for US citizens ranging from traditional villages to modern cities, all makes this country one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

Iran Tourism for Us Citizens, Ski Resort in Iran
If you plan your holidays based on the rumors, you will probably never visit Iran. As people mention Iran, they think of traditional men, burka clad women, burning flags, fundamentalism, and war. People try to persuade you to avoid this country, especially if you are an American. However, if you do some research and come to this beautiful country, you will see it for what it really is and it won’t take you long to wonder how such a beautiful country can be portrayed in such a dark light.

What about Iranian culture?

Iran is rich in ancient Persian and Islamic culture. It is the country of artists, traders, and poets who carry on years old traditions and civilization. So there is a lot to do and see in terms of history and culture. The archeological sites and traditional villages are the prime Iran tourist attractions such as wandering through the ruins of Takht-i-Jamshid (Persepolis) which was the capital and the most important city of Achaemenid empire, getting lost in the mud brick streets of Yazd, the famous desert city, famous for its ventilators all around the world. The city of the epic center of the ancient Zoroastrian religion and is located in the middle of the country.

Sunset and Yazd overview

By: National Geography

So they say Iranians are really into gardening, right?

The Garden of Paradise in Shiraz (Eram Garden) is a typical stereotype of Persian gardens and the most attractive Iran tourism for US citizens. Shiraz is the city of romance and poetry and the center of many tourist sites, including the tomb of Saadi and Hafiz, the most celebrated Persian poets of the 13th century. Meeting locals in the gardens surrounding the bazaars of Shiraz is a delicacy in itself. Besides, Iran is also rich in diversity which means one day you can be visiting the endless deserts with riding camels and rolling sand dunes, while the next day you can be visiting the Persian Gulf, gazing at Iranian men and women jet skiing at the resort island of Kish. This resort island is a free trade zone surrounded by traditional bazaars and shopping malls.

Eram Garden, Shiraz

Eram Garden, Shiraz

But to think of this country only in terms of cities and archeological sites is to miss something really important. It is indeed its cuisine that leaves an everlasting impression on any tourist visiting Iran. All Iranian meals are served with traditional Chai (tea). You can also try Mokhalafat (side dishes). Rice is the principal accompaniment which is served with every meal. Although the rice may be cooked in a variety of the different ways, the most important of which is ‘Chelow’.

And the food in Iran?

Some of the most popular Iranian dishes include Chelow Kebabs which are widely available in all the Iran tourist attractions. It is marinated lamb, prepared over the charcoal stove and served with rice. Abgousht is the beef and vegetable stew and Shirin Polo is actually a wedding delicacy. Shirin Polo is a delicacy which is eaten at weddings. The dish consists of rice served with orange peel, pistachio nuts, and silvered almonds.

Persian Food, Rice and Kebab

Iranian people are undoubtedly the most hospitable and warmest people you have ever seen in the entire world. Tourists will often find themselves getting invited to stranger’s homes, being treated to the endless flow of food items and chai from the kitchen and getting a lift from helpful drivers along the way. Local tends to come up to you, asking about your city.
It can be concluded that Iran is so many things packed into one and when it comes to Iran tourism for US citizens, it has a lot to offer. It is not a country of armed militias or America hating fundamentalists. And it is definitely not how the people think it to be. So a visit to Iran will decisively change the way you see and think about this country.

Tourists in Isfahan, Iran

Tourists in Isfahan, Iran

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