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Iran Ski Tours and Resort

iran ski tours and iran ski resorts

Enjoy your Iran ski tours in Iran with your friends and family!

Iran ski season starts from late November till April dependent on the weather condition in Iran.  There are some good ski resorts in Iran. The best and most popular Iran ski resort is Dizin which is located in the heart of capital, north of Tehran in the Alborz Mountain Range.

Dizin is situated on the North Mountains of Tehran at Gajereh region which is 123 km by Chaloos and 71 km by Shemshak roads. As the usual route to Dizin is Chaloos you should consider about 3.5 hours reaching Dizin ski resort in the winter. The lowest point of the region is 2650 m and the highest point is 3600 meters above sea level.

It is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world as the highest ski lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft). It includes three tele-cabins, two ski lifts, seven dish tele-skis and one Hammer tele-ski. Dizin Ski Resort has comfortable accommodation facilities such as hotels and chalets.

Iran Ski Hotel & Cottage:

There are two hotels and 19 cottages. The two hotels are located at the bottom of the slope. The hotel is located just 20 m from the bottom of the slopes. The parking area is just 50m away with a few shops that rent out ski equipment.

Gajereh Hotel is located about 2 km far from Dizin Ski Resort. This hotel is slightly cheaper and will have a higher chance of having vacant rooms on weekends. It has a free shuttle bus to the slope. The check in and checkout times in Dizin hotel is 12:00 P.M.

Iran Ski equipment:

You can rent any equipment and skiwear in the area, all kind of ski and snowboard, mono board and Alpine ski, cross country skis and accessories. It is also possible to hire an experienced guide who can take you to other mountains and off-piste skiing. Ski teachers are also available for the kids.


There are two restaurants in Dizin; Chalet restaurant located at the top of the Chalet gondola in 3000 meters. Chaman restaurant is located at the top of Chaman chair lift. Hotel Design Restaurant is located at the bottom of the mountain by Chalet gondola area in 2700 meters close to Dizin Hotel.

During the day, there is a SFC (Iranian version of KFC) in the middle of the slope and a snack bar at the top.

Best travel dates: 22 NOV – 30 March

As Friday is weekend in Iran and most of the Iranians travel to northern cities or Dizin, the Tehran – Dizin Road may become one-way since noon(from Dizin side), so it is better to plan in a way to travel during the week which is less crowded. As it takes about 3 – 4 hours driving till Dizin (dependent on the weather and road), the transfers to Dizin can be done if the arrival time is till afternoon.


Based on the group members, the kind of car will be specified and arranged for you. The sedan car is enough for groups of 1 to 2 pax. Delica van is proper for 3 to 5 pax if there are not too many luggages. Toyota Hiace is arranged to transfer the groups of 5 to 9 pax. The cars will have wheel chains.

Iran Ski packages:

Date  Details Overnight 
Day 1  Arrival in Tehran, meet and greet and transfer to Dizin directly (3 hours’ driving). Rest at hotel or start the ski tour.  Dizin
Day 2  Full day ski tour in Dizin. Dizin
Day 3  Full day ski tour in Dizin.  Dizin
Day 4  Ski in Dizin and then transfer to IKA International Airport directly.   

          The package can be extended if you like. 

Tour fee Number of people Number of days & nights 


Prices on Request for solo traveler1 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person2 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person3 pax4 days & 3 nights(the car becomes bigger)
Prices on Request per person4 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person5 pax4 days & 3 nights(the car becomes bigger)
Prices on Request per person6 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person7 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person8 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person9 pax4 days & 3 nights
Prices on Request per person10 pax4 days & 3 nights
  • Children of below 2 years are free of charge.
  • The tour fee for American, British and Canadian passport holders is different.
  • The rates are based on double & triple rooms.
Iran Ski Tours inclusions  Iran Ski Tours exclusions 
Arrival transfer from airport to DizinVisa collection service fee at embassy /airport
Departure transfer from Dizin to AirportLunch and dinner
Accommodation in Dizin 4* hotel (double & triple)Portage fee at hotels/ restaurants/ airports
Breakfast service mealTip to the guides and drivers
Telecabin ticket
Laundry service at hotels
Health insurance
FOC (free of charge services)   Iran visa number issuance

This is net price and your markup fee should be considered on these rates.  Rate validity: March 2016 

What to Take for Iran Ski Tours:

You can take your own equipment and especially your own ski boots. If you are unable to bring your own equipment, however, there is ski equipment available to rent for around $25 to $35.00 per day and cheaper for more than 2 days.

Recommending items to bring for Iran Ski Tours:

  • Clothing & Equipment
  • Skis & bindings
  • ski boots
  • ski poles
  • ski pants and warm jacket
  • gloves, goggles & warm hat
  • helmet
  • casual winter clothes
  • sunscreen

Iran Tourist Visa documents for Iran Ski Tours:

There are 2 items needed to get your visa application file ready.

  • Fill out the attached visa form completely
  • Scan of the main page of applicant’s passports

The Passport scan can be sent to us by Email(info [at] ) but the main Iran Visa application form is an online form which you just need to fill it on our website and submit it.

The Iran Visa process for Iran Ski Tours:

As soon as the visa documents are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), it takes 10 working days (based on Iranian calendar) to get the visa result.

This process for American, British and Canadian passport holders takes about 1 month (more or less). 

If the visa is issued, a 6-7 digit code will be announced to our agency, so you can refer to the expected and chosen Iranian embassy to collect your visa. By having this code it means that your visa is issued and it works as an invitation letter for the embassies.

  • Kindly pay attention that the visa collection fee in the Iranian Embassies is a governmental fee and not related to the agency, so it is on you to pay. The fee may be negotiable.
  • Please pay attention to choose the expected embassy as the visa collection place with accuracy and especial attention because the visa collection process may take about 1 week (more or less).  Also it cannot be changed when the visa application is sent to MFA.
  • Please notice that when the visa authorization number is issued, you have time to refer to the embassy from next 3 days to 25 days, after that the visa number is EXPIRED.
  • If your visa collection place is Iran airports (IKA – Shiraz- Isfahan – Mashhad – Tabriz), the visa validity is just 15 days.
  •  Please call to the expected embassy to get the updated information and needed documents for the visa collection as soon as your visa is issued.

Iran Ski Tours Package:

  • This is the rule for the American, British and Canadian passport holders: they must be joined in a guided tour package. The agency which applies for their visas must arrange the authorized tour guide, hotels, itinerary and any other services that they need during their travel. The separate visa cannot be issued.
  • The travelers who enter to Iran through any border (land or sea) must have the tour guide from the beginning to the end of their trip. Their visa must be applied based on the authorized tour guide name and information. They should specify to the agency whether they will stay in their own cars for overnights or stay at hotels; whether their cars have enough space for the guides or the separate car should be arranged for the guide to follow them. 

Iran hotels / Terms and Conditions

Iran hotels are ranked based on star and does not have any world standards, so we may be more helpful if you inform us your expectations and desirable budget.  

Meet & Greet:

You can find our agent (if it is requested) at the expected place in time with a sign in his or her hand on which your name is written to meet and welcome you. The agent would accompany and help you with the services and arrangements.

Kinds of cars – transportation in our Iran Ski Tours:


For the groups of 1 -2, sedan cards such as Peugeots are arranged.

If the group is 3 pax and there is not too much luggage, then sedan car may works. If not, the van will be arranged.


For the groups of 3 to 4 pax, the normal van is arranged. It has 10 seats.

Transportation in Iran Ski Tours

For the groups of 5 to 9 pax, the Toyota Haice can be arranged. It has 12 seats.

Dress code in Iran for Traveler in Autumn and Winter:

A modest dress code is all what you need to consider for clothing in Iran. It should cover your body moderately.

Women Dress Code in Iran

Iranian Women Autumn and Winter  Dress Code 2014 – 2015

For women, we suggest you get your clothes in Iran. Your guide would take you to the shops and you would be able to choose be best clothes fitting your travel which also complies with the dress code norms in Iran. A pair of lose pants or skirt, a long sleeve shirt and a headscarf is perfect. In Iran women wear Chador and Mantua. The men cannot wear shorts in Iran.

Iranian Men Winter Style

Money and Credit cards in Iran Ski Tours:

Due to certain reasons there is no possibility to use any kind of the Credit cards or Debit cards in Iran. All transactions are being done by cash. The best currency that you might want to bring with yourself is Euro or US$. The exchange parity rate is unfortunately not stable in Iran, besides the governmental rate is different from the one that you exchange in the exchange offices in the market. And to see Iran banknotes, please visit:

Currency Exchange in Iran

You can exchange your money in the banks, there are also authorized exchange shops at the airport or streets which are called “Sarrafi” but equal to “Exchange office”. You are not recommended at all to exchange your money with street exchangers who shout for Dollar, Euro and Pound Exchange. The exchange rate at airports is a little bit lower.

Internet in Iran:

It is obvious that the Internet speed is not at that much you may use at home; however acceptable especially in bigger cities. From 3* hotels to top and even some 2* hotels have coffee net in their hotels, wireless or dial up dependent on the level of the hotel.

There are some hotels with wireless Internet connection in the rooms.

You will find coffee nets in all cities and you can ask the local people to show you the nearest coffee net, you may expect to pay half Dollar or one dollar per hour.

 SIM CARD in Iran:

There are mobile Irancell SIM Cards in Iran that are cheap and make your contact way so easy. It can be prepared easily at the airport or mobile shops.

Cancellation policy: As there are different requests from clients, the cancellation policy is changeable, but if any cancelation happens from your side, paying the cancellation policy is must even if it is due to sickness, personal and work problems, etc because we have to pay the cancelation fee to the hotels, guides and for canceling tickets.

The list of contacts, names and addresses will be given to you plus the invoice before entering Iran.

How to Book Iran Ski Tours 2015?

For apply and book iran ski tours 2015 just you need to fill below form and we will contact you less than 24 hours!

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