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Iran participation in Mongolia Rally

Mongol Rally Racing Tour, was first held in 2004 and is a charity sports event to help orphan children. This tour begins every year from London in England and its main destination is the Ulan Bator city in Mongolia. But due to the tax avoidance of scrap cars, the cars are now passing through Mongolia and ending in Ulan Ude in Russia. The route to this rally is from countries that have been attacked by Mongol on the basis of historical documents.

Competition conditions are such that, every car that goes off the road, will be sold there and will be awarded with a lottery from the cars that can reach the end of the track, and will sell all the cars that reach the finish line. And this income is for charity. The number of participating teams can range from 250 to 300 and the number of people in each team is between 2 and 4 people. The cars move from the origin, then cross Prague route in Czech Republic and Kiev in Ukraine or Istanbul in Turkey, Arctic Circle, Iran and Turkmenistan, and then Mongolia and finally Russia.

There are three different routes to enter the teams in Iran:

1- The best route from Armenia to Iran (from Nordooz border to Bajgiiran border) and then Turkmenistan.

2- Moving from Azerbaijan to Iran (from Astara border to Bajgiiran border) and then Turkmenistan.

3- Moving from Turkey to Iran (from Bazargan border to Bajgiran border) and then Turkmenistan. But it should be noted that this route is harder to drive and more expensive.

It is recommended that the passengers arrive from Azerbaijan and visit Iranian cities like Rasht, Tehran and if they have time they will visit Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz.

Passengers can travel to Iran after receiving a visa and have international driver license and the carnet de passage. The carnet de passage is obtained at any border, mentioned after paying cost, which may take a few hours. Each car also receives a temporary number plate during a time period in Iran.

It is worth mentioning that the date of Mongol Rally holding is tentative and in 2019 take places between July 21th to September 16th.

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