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Iran on the 2016 Top Travel Destinations

In the last days of the current year, new destinations are introduced to travelers all over the world for 2016 travel planning. Fortunately Iran glitters on most of the announced list up to now. As every one expected the easing of diplomatic relations is resulting in more flight routes to Tehran, while travel insurance and visas are getting easier to obtain and people are more eager to travel to Iran. Moreover the landmark reopening of the British Embassy this year is also significant, as the British FCO recently relaxing its advice, this great treasure trove has become more accessible, with key areas of interest now deemed safe to travel. Iran on the 2016 Top Travel Destinations by CNN list name Where to go in 2016: Top 16 up-and-coming destinations

“Nowhere stirs the imagination quite like Iran. Go skiing or hit the beach, explore exquisite mosques, markets and madrassas, hear classic Persian poetry and eat spiced cuisine to the scent of water pipes. Romantic fabled cities Shiraz and Isfahan are interspersed with rural mud villages, across semi-nomadic terrain. Travelers regularly remark on the disparity between Iran’s image and the hospitality of locals. Nineteen UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as former imperial capital Persepolis fill the ancient land. Lut Desert is now being considered as a new addition to the list. Visitor numbers are growing exponentially, with Iranian officials predicting 20 million tourists by 2025.

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