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Iran Nomad Tours

Iran Nomad Tours

The nomads in Iran belong to different tribes and they choose different routes depending on the different cold and hot seasons. These people start their daily beautiful and simple lives at the heart of nature away from the modern and technological life preoccupations. They obtain all their daily needs and colors from the nature as gifts. You can see the colors in their dresses and the decorations of their tents. We at Iran Traveling Center agency, introduce nomad tour packages along with a professional and local team of nomads of Iran and implement them with the best facilities. You can spend your precious time for a short while with these kind nomad tribes with their travel route according to the different seasons of the year and enjoy their simple life in nature. Experience the local foods, music, dress, feast and celebration ceremonies, and games of nomads. And accompany them in their simple and colorful tents with their local and ethnic tales.

Best of Iran Nomad ToursThe nomads in Iran belong to different tribes and they choose different routes depending on the different cold and hot seasons.

Iran Nomad Tribes Tour in 15 Days

In Iran Nomad Tours you will experience migration with Qashqa’i nomad tribes in an actual and native surrounding! Here are some of Iran Nomad Tours that can be operate by Iran Traveling Center.

Itinerary no 1:

Location: Shiraz, Eghlid, Khosro-Shirin, migration as far as Sedeh and Bakan (In September)

Itinerary no 2:

Locations:  Shiraz, Ardekan, migration as far as Shool and Sangar

Itinerary no 3: ​

Locations: Shiraz, Ghalat, migration as far as Khan-e Zenian (in October)

Itinerary no 4:

Locations: Shiraz, Kavar, migration as far as Firouz Abad (in October)

Itinerary no 5:

Locations: Shiraz, Dasht-e Arjan, Bon Roud (in September)

Optional tour :

Join other Iran Traveling Center customers on Iran Nomad Tours!

This option is prefect for those who want to be in a group tour package. Each small group contains no more than 16 and no less than 2 participants, except those who rather to travel in a solo private guided tour. Your chosen date will be confirmed only if there will be at least 2 or more people interested in the same date. You will be notified about the status of your tour at least 30 day in advance. All charges will be refundable to you in regard to this tour unless the minimum number of participants for this tour is reached and you are totally sure you wanted to join your tour. But still if at any point prior to 3 week until your tour date, you decided to cancel, we will refund you in full.

Because of the nature of shared tours departure times are fixed and cannot be altered. please be advised that if you change your travel date without prior notice, you will lose your reservation and any possibility of a refund.

You can stay in contact with our correspondence colleagues through email or phone number as below

Terms and conditions :

Tour services include
Tour services Exclude
Important Notes
Tour services include

  1. Iran Visa Authorization Number
  2. Accommodation based on your hotel request
  3. Airport transfer
  4. Tour guide who speaks your requested language
  5. Transportation based on your requested number of passengers
  6. Iran Sim Card

Tour services Exclude

  • International Flights
  • Entrance Fee
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Visa Stamp Fee
  • Tips and Personal Expenses

The tour services do not generally include these tour services, but if you are willing, you can add lunch, dinner and entrance fee to your own tour services.

Important Notes

  • Based on hotel regulations in Iran, 2:00 P.M is the check out time and 12M. is the check in time.
  • Starting time of every tour is 9 A.M. but based on the itinerary if any changes happen in the plan, your guide will inform you the night before.
  • Tour cost is based on guided tours along the whole route and personal vehicles, but if you prefer to use public transportation means such as buses or trains for travels between the cities and have a local guide in every city, these services will be replaced for you.
  • For the services which are not publicly included in your tours such as entrance fees, lunch and dinner, you can add them to your booking list to get them done for you.

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