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Iran Itineraries

Well, one of these Iran Itineraries should work for you. These are mostly the ones that can be done independently, although organized tours are always available for the same routs. If you need a more specific tour, you might want to check our other section under “Join a Tour”.

An Ancient Civilization for Those Who Have about 2 Weeks to Spend:

(Skip the Ahwaz part if you are traveling during the last spring till late summer)

A two week time is long enough to get to see the best of Iran’s sites and cities. This plan can be done mostly by bus with a flight. But if you rather flights over long drives, then you have the option of using Iran really cheap domestic flights (40 $ for each 600 miles one-way). In this trip you are going to see sites and ruins of pre Islamic ear of Elimites and Achamenidians from 1500 BC to Islamic ear architecture in Isfahan and Shiraz. You will have a great taste of Iranian life style, get to know a lot about Iran and make tons of friends along the way.

  • Fly to Tehran by Iran Air, which offers pretty good deals on direct and indirect flights from almost all over the world to Iran. Spend two days visiting Tehran bazaar and Saad Abad royal palaces.
  • Fly to Ahwaz, visit Susa and Chogha Zanbil then take a bus to Shiraz, it is a 10 hours’ drive, and alternatively you can take a 1, 30 minutes flight from Ahwaz to Shiraz. Spend two days in Shiraz to see the city and then Persepolis.
  • Take a bus to Yazd, here you can find great places to visit such a Zoroastrian temples, wind houses, oldest bazaars, beautiful mosques, don’t forget the ChakChak and the mud village of Kharang.
  • Take a bus to Isfahan, the jewels of Iran. Here you can visit Imam Mosque, Isfahan carpet market, Isfahan bridges, Aliquippa palace .etc. then take a bus to Kashan to see the some of the oldest mud and clay houses build along the Iran central desert in this oasis city. Abyaneh is an ancient village whose people still adhere to their old clothing style, although heavily under impression of the Islamic style.

Take Me to Relevant Reorganized Iran Itineraries:

Overland trips from Europe to Pakistan for those who have about 4 weeks on hand( 70’s Hippies route from lush green mountains of Iran north till parched deserts of the south, a journey of about 5000 KM)

Well, this is for you, if you are already underway to India or are already in turkey but also want to spend some time in Iran. In fact this is kind of trip that we recommend to everybody, if you really are interested to have life time experience of Iran.

  • Take a bus to Tabriz from Ankara or Istanbul. There are a couple departures every day to Iran. Tickets can be booked in advance or from the agencies in lalali district in Istanbul (right next to Sultan Ahmed). Bus ride is going to be fun, you enter Iran from bazargan gateway, go through Maku and you reach Tabriz. Stop in Tabriz to check this city, visit igloo, Kabood mosque and Carpet bazaar, then take side trips with bus to Jolfa and Kandovan. Kandovan is similar to Cappedocia in Turkey, where houses and hotels carved in the rocks would welcome you, plus you can spend some quality time hiking the track and villages around. Then take bus to Zanjan and stop to visit Soltanieh.
  • Then take bus to go to Qazvin to visit Assassins castle, although not much is left of this great place. Then take a bus to Masouleh in the foothills of Caspian Sea. Masouleh is fascinating and great place for hacking and visit the area. then take a bus to Tehran, you can spend a few days in this city to visit the historical landmarks such as national museum and royal palaces, might as well go to Tochal to take a ride on the longest operating Gondola in Asia. From October till April you can go to Dizin ski slopes and stay for a couple days chill out and enjoy a great ski.
  • Take a bus to Qom to visit Iran most conservative city with theological schools and religious shrines. One day is enough, and then move on to Kashan and then Abyaneh. Isfahan is your highlight of this section of the trip. All together you can split about 7 days between these places.
  • Take a bus or late evening flight to Shiraz, Shiraz is a nice city with lots to offer, historical places, great walks and nice people. Try to take side trips to Persepolis, Firoozabad and Pasargadae. There are regular minibus drives to these places everyday form bus terminal or you can use organized one day tours from local agencies.
  • Take an evening bus to Yazd to visit great sites in and around this city. Yazd is located at the fringes of the Iran central desert, a very dry place most of the time of year, but people are nicest and you will have great memories visiting Zoroastrian sites and ancient clay houses, silk markets, camel ride to the desert…etc. try to visit Kharang and stay in Zeinoaldin caravanserai on the way to Kerman.
  • Take a bus to Mahan, stay one day in this oasis in the middle of nowhere in the heart of Iran central kavir, go for day trip to Rayen mud castle. You will not forget this place ever. Then move on to visit Kerman.
  • In Kerman you need to decide if you want to go India through Iran Pakistan border crossing in Mirjaveh or you want to go back to Tehran and fly to next destination.  There are regular biweekly or weekly train departures from Zahedan to Queeta in Pakistan that can be used as a bridgehead for you next step to go to India, the route in safe and really cheap as opposed to other routes.

Of Beaten Paths Iran Itineraries:

Less than 2 weeks visiting less seen side of Iran, defy regularity by being you, as adventurous and unique as it takes.

If you are coming from turkey, whether by bus, which regularly arrive from Ankara and Istanbul on daily base, or you are arriving by weekly Istanbul-Tehran slow train, you can easily start off your trip from Tabriz.

  • After visiting the sightseeing of this city that such as Ilgoli, Kabood Mosque, Silk carpet bazaar…etc. You can take a bus to Kandovan. Kandovan is pretty much the sister village of Gorome in Cappadocia in Turkey, where Christian monks used to live in the caves and houses carved out of rock. You certainly would like it, especially when you combine your stay in one of hotels made of some of same caves, you can spend a couple days in the region going to hike and visiting the Orumieh salt lake.
  • Take a bus to go to St, Stephanous church and meet the Iranian Christians who live in the nearby towns and villages. If you want to see one of the few places that Alexander the great failed to conquer, you need to go to Babak castle. It is a day tip. Take bus to Ardabil for the next leg of your trip visiting Sheikh Safiolding mosque and after a day or so take a bus to Anzali port to see Caspian Sea and swim in the biggest lake in the world. You might get luck finding original caviar in some of the restaurants.
  • Masouleh is a great stop underway to Tehran. This village is so beautiful. The architecture is rare by each houses roof to be the top house yard.  Masouleh is great place to unwind and go for long hike, camping and trekking.
  • After Masouleh you can take bus to go Qom via Qazvin. In Qazvin you should stop to go visiting the Assassins castle in Alamut Mountains.  Next step would be Abyaneh, don’t miss it, it a great little place at the fringes of Iran central desert. This place would be the last stop before going to Isfahan. Isfahan would occupy your next few days. There are lots to see in Isfahan, it is rich and beautiful. People are nicest and you are going to make lots of friends.
  • In Isfahan you need to make decision whether you want to see Shiraz too or not. You can get to Shiraz by bus, which would take a 7hours ride or fly by evening flights around 30 $ one-way). Shiraz is a great place to go since you are going to visit Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargadae; a few days are going to be enough. There are multiple daily flights from Shiraz to Tehran for the last part of your trip, unless you wanted to go to India which would be much more accessible by taking a flight from Shiraz to Dubai.
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