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Hotel Reservation in Isfahan {Abbasi 5-Star Hotel}

Being the central city in Iran, Isfahan is the capital of the province of the same name. It is the third largest city in the country after Tehran and Mashhad. Most of the itineraries for traveling to Iran include Esfahan as it historically is considered one the most important cities not only in Iran but around the world.

Despite its vastness as well as its enriched history, Isfahan have provided less luxurious hotels compared to other large cities such as Tehran and Shiraz. It means that there is only one 5-star hotel in this city called Abbasi Hotel.

Regarding the fact that the tourists to Iran are highly keen on visiting Isfahan, it seems essential to check this hotel out to see if accommodation is available on a certain date. Unless, the tourists will need to shift the dates on which they are going to travel to Iran.

This must be done specifically because in Isfahan one can hardly find an apartment or lodging to be rented, as Isfahani people do not usually like to have their lodging rented.

Therefore, ITC highly recommends you to reserve your favorite room personally either in Abbasi 5-star hotel or other suitable hotels (click here) to confirm your travel date to Iran. We wish you a great travel to Iran!  

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