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Hormozgan Butterfly Watching Tour in 15 Days

The butterflies of the south and south-easternmost provinces of Iran, which show a very large similarity to the Afrotropical faunal elements, will be explored during this tour. In Hormozgan Butterfly Watching tour, you will leave Tehran by Plane and will land in Bandar-Abbas. The first cite to be checked will be the rich slopes of Mt. Geno protected area. Some other fine collecting cites will be in the road Minab-Sirik-Jask. Then, continuing the coastal route to Baluchestan, tourists will have a visit to:

Area: Hormozgan / Sistan Baluchestan / Isfahan

Activities: Butterfly and moth collecting, Wildlife Viewing, Bird Watching, Natural History, Backpacking, Photography.

Highlights: Geno National Park, Chabahar trade zone, Sarbaz protected area, Mt. Taftan.

Short Description:

There will be several collecting stops around the area, and the tour will then continue its route to Sarbaz protected area, where the tourists can see the Persian Crocodile which lives in the Sarbaz River. Some time for collecting butterflies will also be spent in Iranshahr and Khash areas. Mt. Taftan, the highest altitude in southeast Iran, is the final place where many endemic species are recorded from the area. One-day back-packing programs will be executed in some of these areas, which will give the participants a very good opportunity for collecting and other activities such as photography and bird watching. The tour then will have its return flight to Tehran.

Some of the interesting and endemic butterfly species that one might confront in this tour are:

  • Papilio demoleus Colotis amata Hypolimnas missipus
  • Hypermnestra helios Colotis danae & etrida Precis almana
  • Pontia glauconome Colotis vastalis & phisadia Precis hierta
  • Euchloe belemia Deudorix livia Ypthima bolanica
  • Catopsilia florella Azanus ubaldus Azanus ubaldus

Plus many others…

Full camping facilities are predicted for all the tour participants, including tent and light generator. Tour participants are requested to have their own collecting and preserving equipment and personal stuff including sleeping bags. A proper light-trap is also available for those who wish to collect moth as well. Minute changes in the route might also

Land-only package includes:

  • Meet and assist / All2 Airport transfers
  • Tour with accommodation in double occupancy and camping.
  • Based on request we can change your accommodations to 1 through 5 star hotels.
  • All Breakfasts, lunches, dinners including Welcome dinner and Farewell dinner
  • Guided Tours in each city 8am-4pm
  • Full-day tour of en-route cities
  • Free at leisure and independent de tours as case may arise
  • Half-day shopping excursion to Bazaars in Shiraz and Isfahan
  • Private Walking Tours
  • Entrance fees to all Museums and sites in the itinerary
  • Transportation as per itinerary in private luxury mini-bus/private Car.
  • Guides in English/ French/ Spanish /German/ Iranian/ Japanese/ Chinese and Arabic based on the request
  • Domestic flights based on the itinerary.
  • Visa
  • Insurance
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