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Yas Hotel Hamadan

Irantravelingcenter- Yas Hotel hamadan

Yas Hotel Hamadan

Yas Hotel hamadan

Address :Shohada St- ,district 3  , Hamedan ,Hamadan Province, Iran

Yas Hotel Hamadan

Yas Hotel Hamadan is one of the most experienced hotels in the hotel industry in Hamedan. In 2016, the facilities of the rooms of this hotel were renovated with the aim of providing more suitable services to tourists, which has brought satisfaction to the guests. The building of Yas Hotel Hamadan is built on 3 floors with 22 different rooms but it does NOT have an elevator. In terms of location, it should be mentioned that this one-star hotel is located in the city center, 2 km away from Baba Taher Tomb and Bu’ali (Ibn Sina) Tomb.

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