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Hamedan Baba Taher Hotel Iran

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Hamedan Baba Taher Hotel Iran

Baba-Taher Hotel


Address : BabaTaher Square ,Hamadan city, Hamadan province, Iran

Hamadan Baba Taher Hotel

Being a five-star hotel,  Hamadan Baba Taher Hotel is located in the capital of history and civilization of Iran, that is, Hamedan. It is next to the tomb of the famous mystic poet Baba Taher. The hotel building has 4 floors with 130 rooms and suites equipped with all required amenities. The short distance from the hotel to the commercial centers, recreational and tourist places of Hamedan, including Babataher Tomb, Bu’ali Tomb, ancient hill and Alaviyan Dome, makes the travel experience more enjoyable for travelers. With trained and experienced staff, Baba Taher Hotel has taken the opportunity to host you and is trying to make a memorable stay for the guests.

If you have chosen Hamedan for travel and entertainment, Baba Taher Hotel, can provide you with one of the most beautiful hotels in the west of the country.
Baba Taher Hotel is a five-star hotel with modern facilities and special equipment that welcomes countless travelers and tourists every year. The hotel has traditional and international restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere and a unique variety of foods that will satisfy all tastes; among other special features of the hotel we can also name a water sports complex with a fun atmosphere.

More info:

Buali Hotel to Ganjnaneh 

Buali Hotel to Hekmataneh Hill 

Buali hotel to Mausoleum of Baba Taher 

Buali Hotel to Alvand Peak 

Buali Hotel hamadan to The Stone Lion 

Buali Hotel to Tomb of Esther and Mordechai 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Alaviyan Dome 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Hamam-e Qal’eh Museum of Anthropology 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Qorban Historical Tower 

Buali hotel Hamadan to St. Estephanos Evangelical Church (Virgin Mary) 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Museum Hegmataneh 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Mausoleum of Avicenna 

Buali Hotel to Jameed Mosque of Hamadan 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Evangelical Church Hamadan 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Rafael Church Hamadan 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to natural history  Museum 

Buali Hotel Hamadan to Ali-Sadr Cave 

to Hamadan Airport (9.1 km) 12 min by car

to Hamadan Train station  ( Near  the Sheverin Village ) Madani valley 20 min by car

to Hamadan Bus Terminal ( 4.8 km) 9 min by car

1)Check-in time of hotels is usually 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00 PM in Iran.
2)Pets are not normally allowed to enter hotels in Iran.
3)Tourists are permitted to stay in Iran’s hotels even if they are not married to each other by law.
4)In all hotels of Iran, breakfast is included in your night’s stay. But most hotels have restaurants also serving lunch and dinner, but the extra expenses should be paid by you.
In most hotels especially the hotels that have more than three stars, primary facilities such as TV, towel, soap, shampoo, sandals, brush, toothpaste and safety box exist and the minibar of the fridge include mineral water, juice and snack. Hotels are equipped with air conditioning depending on the season.

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