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  • Hamedan, Land of Many poets, is one of the oldest Iranian City with a green mountains area, located 360 kilometers at the south west of Tehran with an altitude of 1850 m above sea level.

    Summer is the best season to visit the nature of this ancient city beside the cultural attractions.

    In order to travel to Hamedan, Daily flights & Trains are almost available from Tehran. First class asphalt roads are also connected this city to all neighbor’s provinces.

    Hamedan province is also Symbol of pottery & woodcarving in Iran. Leather, Carpet & kilim are the other well-known handicrafts in Hamedan.

  • ·         Ganjnameh inscription

    ·         Baba Taher, Ibn-e Sina, Esther and Mordchai Tombs

    ·         Adventurous activities such as Alisadr Cave (one of the largest water cave in the world), Skiing in the Tarik-dare Ski resort and hiking in Alvand Mountain Range, along with this old city monuments, attracts all tourist’s attention to this four season city.

  • 1- Abghoosht Ghormeh, A delicious mixture of abghoosht & ghorme Sabzi.

    2- Diffrent kinds of Local healthy potages such as Eggplant, Nuts, Omaj, Rice, Carrot and Barely.

    3- Sardashi kebab is one of the traditional tasty Kebab which is made over the bakery stove.

  • Pottry


    earthenware and ceramics



     leather work

    Geeveh (Giveh ) Footwear

    Sweet-meats (Halwa)

    Grape syrup

  • ·         Parsian Azadi  4 Star

    ·         Baba Taher      4 Star

    ·         Amiran             4 Star

    ·         Bu-Ali               4 Star

    ·         Arian                 3 Star

    ·         Katibe               3 Star

    ·         Khatam            3 Star


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